Bed Bug Treatment & Extermination


New York bed bugs have quickly become one of the number one pests challenging our New York urban environment. Standard has been at the forefront of the current New York bedbug battle since 1999. We served on Mayor Bloombergs bedbug advisory board. We were also named NY's Best Bedbug Exterminator by NY Magazine. 

Bed Bug Treatment

steamchemtrtmt.pngOur bedbug treatment protocols are designed to be used in homes with children and pets. By following preparation instructions provided by Standard, the first step toward control has been taken. Our program includes the application of dust, liquid, and aerosol materials with a follow up scheduled 10 – 15 days later. Steam options are available for locations with infants, people with medical issues or those wishing a green management option.

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Bed Bug Visual Inspection

visualinspect.pngFeel like you're being bitten by something? Have you been noticing spots but haven't found any insects? Bed bugs are cryptic, nocturnal and can be hard to find if you are not trained what to look for! That is why STANDARD PEST MANAGEMENT of New York offers our bed bug visual inspection services. Our bed bug trained and experienced technician will report to your home and professionally inspect the key bed bug hot zones.

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Bed Bug Dog / K-9 Inspections

K9inspect.pngStandard also performs Bed Bug K-9 Inspections through a 3rd party NESDCA certified bedbug K9 and handler. These teams do not perform control so there are no incentives to find bedbugs when there aren't any. We can offer accuracy on the scent of live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs with up to 95% accuracy. New York Bed Bug dog inspections are available for residential and commercial environments in New York.

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Heat Chamber

heattreatment.pngLooking for a Green Bed Bug treatment for specific items? Heat treatments are effective, safe and efficient. A great way to treat certain items. We offer Heat Chamber services at our office & can arrange for offsite service. Once items are placed inside they are exposed to a temperature that is lethal to all stages of bedbug life, eggs, nymphs & adults. Perfect for suitcases after travel, sensitive items or items that may have received alerts from a k9.

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