Mite Control & Removal Services In NYC, Westchester County, and Long Island

MitesThere are thousands of species of Mites out there and each type has specific feeding habits and biology. Standard Pest Management provides the best in mite removal and extermination services throughout Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn,the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester and Long Island. We stop all different types of mites from infesting your home or commercial property.

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  • Most species are so small; you need to a microscope to view them
  • There are over 48,000 species of Mites
  • Enjoy living on animals such as birds, deer and mice as well as humans
  • Dust Mites feed on dead human skin
  • Are more common in humid, moist areas

Common Types of Mites Within New York

Although there is a huge assortment of mite species throughout the country, exterminators in New York’s Metro area have frequent experience with these types:

Bird Mites

A very common issue in New York is the frequent nesting of birds or pigeons across rooftops of homes and office buildings. When these birds nest, they also carry parasitic pests such as Mites and Ticks which can cause major problems. As a direct consequence of the bird population in NYC, Mites are left behind as baby birds leave their nest. They are very, very small and require a host such as a bird, rodent or human to feed on.

They require blood to reproduce and are drawn to heat and moisture. Once their original food source is gone, humans quickly become a target. During daylight hours, Mites will hide in cracks, crevices and holes only coming out at night to feed. Once they get into your home or office, Mites will infest furniture, clothing, upholstery, curtains, drapes, rugs and carpeting.

Our Treatment Options for Bird Mite Removal In New York City

Migration of Bird Mites into your home or building is simple. Once baby birds leave the nest, they begin a search for a new host and will naturally find a way into your housing or building structure due to their microscopic size.

We take an intelligent approach in Bird Mite extermination by targeting their origination point. This is mostly the nest and found along roofing structures, ledges, and parapet walls. Any Bird Mites we encounter will be dispersed of properly and it’s important to note that they are unable to survive without a host after three weeks.

Our field technician will analyze your roofing structure in more detail to see if you have a consistent bird infestation problem. At Standard Pest Management, we specialize in bird control, relocation and deterrent solutions. So it may be worthwhile to consider having us install some type of system to prevent future birds from popping up and leaving Mites and Ticks behind.

Learn More About Our Bird Control & Relocation Services

Dust Mites

Dust MiteDo you have someone in your home or office that suffers frequently from allergies? It could be from the presence of Dust Mites. They infest carpeting, rugs, mattresses and more. These pests are part of the Arachnid species and are in fact microscopic making treatment a challenge. Dust Mites enjoy warm, moist settings and hundreds of them can be found in one pinch of dust. Are you shivering yet?

The average New York home contains about 40 pounds of dust annually which could contain almost 42,000 dust mites! The average species lives only about 45 days. For those suffering from allergens or asthma, our dust mite extermination and treatment services will be a welcome addition to your home or business.

Our Treatment Options for Dust Mite Removal In New York City

Our technicians use the latest in high-end equipment to steam vacuum all carpets, upholsteries and furniture. We will also utilize all natural, organic products to sanitize your mattress and walls. Our treatment methods kill all dust mites on contact. For those suffering frequently from allergies, we have affordable monthly dust mite management service packages available as well.