Bedbug Heat Treatment

hobonode1Standard Pest Management performs a specialized bedbug treatment called thermal heat treatments, the process of killing bedbugs using high temperatures. This is an attractive approach for eliminating bedbugs as it is chemical free, we can heat an entire structure in one treatment and you can be bedbug free by bedtime! Bedbugs and their eggs will die immediately at temperatures above 122ºF. We monitor the heat wirelessly on a laptop & inspect with thermal imaging technology to ensure temperatures reach lethal levels and stay there for the correct period of time to eliminate the customers bedbug infestation.


Once our heaters are placed inside the home we place temperature loggers throughout the space to start monitoring room ambient temperature as well as specific areas/items. Once the temperature loggers indicate that we have reached our target heat level, we turn on our fans to create convection. This causes the high temperature heat to be pounded against items causing the heat to penetrate items as well as cracks and crevices to eliminate bedbugs deep in their harborages. We spend hours monitoring the temperatures in the space with the temperature loggers & thermal imaging camera and continue to periodically enter the space to move around fans and belongings to ensure that all areas/items are heated properly.

hobonode3   temp log

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