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Dinning Al Pestco

Dinning Al Pestco By Gil Bloom president, ACE Entomologist Standard Pest Management Summer is here and the time is right for dining in the street but in NYC 2020 that may include a host of four and six footed freeloaders. While the importance of restaurant reopening is significant to both the economy and psyche of New Yorkers the potential for increasing the food water and harborage for pests is likewise of significance.

COVID and the Inadvertent Rise of the American Roach

COVID and the Inadvertent Rise of the American Roach The American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana) mistakenly referred to as a “water bug” is the largest and fastest moving roach commonly found in dwellings, measuring about 1 1/2 inches, it is reddish brown and can fly at high temperatures and can live one to two years. While common to the summer sidewalks of NYC they are fast becoming yet another unexpected result of COVID.

Ant Prevention and IPM Exterior Control

A Message from Our Certified Entomologist, Gil Bloom As spring is upon us, we would like to remind you of several ant prevention measures that should be taken by your staff at this time to reduce the odds for ant incursion. By acting now, you can prevent the establishment of internal ant colonies and reduce the number of future complaints and subsequent service charges. A. Reduce exterior ground clutter such as dead leaves and debris.

Balcony Bird Net Deterrent Installation Without Drilling

Balcony Bird-Net Deterrent installation without drilling Solution The installation of a stealth net on your balcony can and will truly keep birds out! Traditionally, these systems are drilled through concrete. However, this has come to be an issue because there are some building which simply won’t allow any sort of drilling activity. If you happen to find yourself in this situation, then Standard Pest Management is more than happy to offer an alternative solution.

How to Install Bird Spikes

How to install bird spikes Birds spikes are a great bird deterrent, when installed properly they will keep birds off areas of your building. Measure the width of the ledge you need to protect and purchase the appropriate spike. We mostly go with a 5” or 8” spike depending on the ledge size. Step 1: Clean the Area The goal is to wet down the area so that dust from cleaning the existing bird droppings does not become airborne.

Mosquito Problems At LaGuardia Airport, NY

Mosquitos – LaGuardia 6/2017

Keeping Birds Away from Your Window Sills

How to keep birds of your windowsills In New York City & Long Island Manhattan apartment window sills are excellent places for pigeons to roost. Even more so for window sills that are structured in building shaft-ways where the pigeons feel that they’re in a safe environment from potential predators. The biggest problem with birds which roost on the skills of an apartment or office building window in Manhattan, NY are the droppings.

The Bug Buster

Featured in the Huffington Post Since 1929, we have been working hard to rid New York City of all types of pests. It’s only fitting that a pest management company which has managed to stay in business so long also has a deep fascination with the insects they are exterminating. Our president, Gil Bloom was recently written about in the Huffington Post. We’d love for you to read the pest management article because it captures his overall fascination with bugs.

New Yorkers and Zika

New Yorkers and Zika The good news is that as New Yorkers, we do not need to worry about Zika as no locally transmitted cases have been reported. A few cases have been noted in returning travelers from Zika hot zones which include a number of South & Central American areas as well as Puerto Rico, but these cases were contracted there. The Zika virus is transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito, the same species that carries dengue fever and chikungunya.

Keep Visitors Happy by Making Sure Bed Bugs Aren’t in Your Hotel

Keep Visitors Happy by Making Sure Bed Bugs Aren’t in Your Hotel In the words of Warren Buffett, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Bed bug infestations are a constant problem throughout hotels in the New York City and Long Island area. At Standard Pest Management, our biggest goal is to reduce the impact of any unwanted guests by providing discreet, effective hotel pest control in NYC.

Pest Management & Property Managers Make the Best Mix

Pest Management & Property Managers Make the Best Mix One of our biggest specialties is Integrated Pest Management for residential properties within New York City and Long Island, NY. Since 1929, Standard Pest has been working with many of New York’s property management companies to provide a pest-free environment for their residents. Whether it is a brownstone or a large luxury high-rise, our technicians are trained to get the job done in an efficient, cost effective manner.

What’s up with Water Bugs?

What’s up with Water Bugs? This year in part due to flash rains combined with high heat we have observed a not unanticipated seasonal increase in American roach, Periplaneta Americana, a.k.a. “water bug” activity. As a result of the sewer and catch basin flooding they head for high ground which in a number of cases are the various drain and vent pipes found throughout human dwelling spaces like homes, apartments and commercial areas.

Josh Bloom

Josh Bloom

Vice President
Standard Pest Management
Standard Exterminating Co., Inc. BBB Business Review

Hi, My name is Josh Bloom. I'm proud to be Standard Pest Management's customer assurance provider. Besides helping to educate our customers on being proactive when it comes to pest management, I spend my days solving all kinds of bug or nuisance animal related issues. For me, this is a blast! If you have any questions about pests that might be a threat to you, feel free to drop us a line anytime. It's my goal and on a greater scale, Standard Pest Management; to be your number one partner in the war against pests.


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