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Our Signature Green Pest Control Service

Standard’s innovative Green Pest Management (“GPM”) program has been carefully designed for our sensitive accounts and those who may prefer a reduced risk approach to pest management. This service utilizes pest inspection and identification by our in house certified entomologist, monitoring and habitat modification practices and recommendations to reduce pest potential and to provide treatment if needed based on established thresholds with bio pesticides and other approved materials keeping records of all applications and recommendations.

Standard GPM 

Is knowledge and communication intensive.
Provides a systematic program of long-term pest control. Stresses emphasis on prevention of the causes of pest problems. Emphasizes habitat modification of conditions that favor pests. The major purpose of most site visits is to inspect monitor and report. When required pesticide use is limited in terms of type and amount.

Some Aspects of Standard Green Pest Management:

Inspection and recommendations in regard to removing pest access to water. Installation of  door sweeps to keep out mice and insects. Insect monitor traps with and without pheromone depending on target to quickly identify pest species and provide for appropriate control measures. Mechanical rodent traps and apprehension devices placed in strategic areas. Fly units to be installed in potential breeding sites such as compactor and recycle/refuse areas. A written report will be provided for each service which will include pest information actions taken and recommendations. The use of insect growth regulators in pest hot spots to reduce potential pest population. Limited access points will be sealed with professional sealants with recommendations for more extensive areas referred to management for action. If rodenticides are required they will be exclusively of an anti-coagulant nature and application will be restricted to tamper resistant stations. Insecticide applications if required will be of a reduced risk nature and will be applied according to label specification. In as much as feasible control products will comply with New York City LL37 pesticide reduction and exemption materials.


Materials used in our GPM are currently as follows:ecosmart

BORACTIN (Boric acid dust)






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