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Exterminators agreed that the bedbug education campaign has affected how the pest management industry deals with the pests. Gil Bloom, president of Standard Pest Management in Queens and a former bedbug task force member, said clients are calling for his company's services earlier than before, when there was a stigma about finding bedbugs. "We're not seeing a decline in volume of calls, but we're seeing a decrease in the severity of what we need to respond to," Bloom said. "We're doing more inspections." And when there is a bedbug infestation, Bloom said exterminators have a better sense of what is needed to eradicate bedbugs and an established protocol they can follow. This includes use of steam, heat, chemicals and vacuuming.

"They're a worthy opponent," Bloom said. 

Bedbugs are back! Much to the chagrin of Americans from the city to the plain, these cryptic biting insects have witnessed a steady resurgence over the past decade. Causing near hysteria from homes and hotels to hospitals and public transportation, the hard-to-find, difficult to treat, hard-biting bed bug has a reputation as a nuisance that is truly well earned.

One area where concerns have recently been on the rise is the college campus, where the climate is ripe for the proliferation of these blood-sucking bugs. If your freshman is heading to school this fall, this comprehensive guide will get you ready to battle bed bugs from prevention to extermination.

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Now that he has annihilated millions of cockroaches and rodents, not to mention preposterous quantities of silverfish, cereal mites, carpet beetles, bedbugs, ants, wasps, termites and a few snakes, Sam Bloom figures he knows a thing or two about pest control. Don't serve beer to the cockroaches. Make sure the rats don't get into the bulldozer seats. Stick your empty soda cans in the dishwasher.

Mr. Bloom runs Standard Exterminating in Long Island City, one of the city's oldest exterminators. It will gladly eradicate pests anywhere within the five boroughs. Occasionally, it will dispatch someone into the suburbs for a good flying ant or earwig problem. "And we don't really charge anything for our service," Mr. Bloom likes to say. "Just a dollar apiece for the little funerals."

Exterminating is one of the hardiest professions in New York, for the simple reason that New York pests are impressively obstinate. Yet over the years, the war on bugs has got appreciably more refined, as Standard Exterminating, enemy of insects since 1929, knows well. Exterminators don't even like to be called exterminators anymore. They prefer pest-control technicians. They're Everywhere

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AMNY_THU_A18Rest unassured: In the city that never sleeps, bed bugs are still a major cause of insomnia for thousands of New Yorkers trapped in infested apartments and buildings. Whether you’re renting or buying, here’s how to minimize the chance that bloodsucking freeloaders will greet you at your new front door.

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Standard Pest Management, Queens, N.Y., employs an exclusion strategy to keep mice out of an apartment building’s garbage chute.

By June Van Klaveren


Standard Pest Management, Queens, N.Y., employs an exclusion strategy to keep mice out of an apartment building’s garbage chute.

Take an old six-story, 72-unit apartment building in New York City, add brick-lined trash chutes filled with cracks and crevices, tons of garbage and a basement where that garbage collected, and you have a recipe for a serious mouse infestation and unhappy tenants.

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