Standard Pest now Quality Pro for Schools

qualityproschoollogo.gifStandard Pest Management is now a Quality Pro Schools company. This means Standard Pest is commited to treating pests in schools in a careful and environmentally responsible way. Our staffmembers who service schools are trained in providing reduced-risk IPM (integrated pest management) services in schools. Additionally, the service technicians who service schools are experienced, trained and tested on school IPM techniques above and beyond state requirements. We also congratulate our first technichain to receive this certification - Congrats Omar!

Get an A on your Next NYC Restaurant Health Inspection


Do you know how many restaurants are inspected each year? All 24,000. That’s a lot of letter grades. Manypeople do take into consideration these grades when deciding on a place to eat—and with so many dining options, diners do not have to risk their health or comfort by eating at any restaurant that cannot score an “A.”

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Do it Yourself Pest Control

Screen_Shot_2014-08-02_at_2.06.31_PM.pngDo it Yourself Pest Control

Have you seen a mouse in your apartment? Well, in NYC that’s quite possible with all the food establishments, recycling and multifamily housing. The first question you have to ask yourself is: how did they get there? After you inspect your home for pests, you can apply this simple do it yourself pest control treatment to keep your home pest-free.

Close Mouse & Rat Holes

Step 1: You first want to identify any holes in your home. Any opening the size of a dime for a mouse and quarter for a rat can allow a rodent access. 

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Bed Bug Treatment Techniques from the Experts


Bed Bug Treatment Techniques from the Experts

If you haven’t experienced any bed bug horror stories, then you most likely have heard a few. Although the bed bug epidemic of 2010 might be over, according to Brooklyn Magazine, they are still around and ready to attack. Bed bugs can result in serious issues, from lawsuits to closing up shop. Here are the insider techniques of an expert pest technician, which you can use to keep your business--and bed bugs--under control.  

Bed Bug Inspection and Awareness

Because several employees may be visiting rooms and interacting with guests, staff should be trained and remain alert for evidence of bed bugs in rooms and on guests. If activity is suspected one should inspect the mattress, box spring and headboard for any insects. If an insect is found a sample should be saved and verified by a trained staff member or pest management personnel. If bed bug activity is confirmed alert your pest control company in a manner to allow for in-house preparation and bed bug treatment. 

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Chowtal Group Comprised of Standard Staff


Standard Pest has been located in Queens, NY for 85 years, and our staff is as diverse as our home borough. Standard's employees are from all backgrounds and we are proud of our diversity. A number of Standard techs from Trinidad and Tobago are members of a local Chowtal group that is achieving local notoriety. Recently, the TNT Richmond Hill Chowtal Group had the opportunity to perform at City Hall in NYC. Chowtal is a form of folksong of North India's Bhojpuri region, sung by amateurs during the vernal Phagwa or Holi festival. In Chowtal, two rows of singers face each other (semi-circle), with a "dholak" drummer at one end, and sing lines of Hindi text antiphonally. Congratulations to our team members!

14 Bed Bug Tips – Do’s and Don’ts


14 Bed Bug Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

Dealing with bed bugs is not easy. Hopefully you read our last post on developing a bed bug treatment plan. Either way, here are a few bed bug tips to keep in mind if you encounter any infestations. Feel free to use these to supplement your bed bug action plan.







  • Do not overreact and vacate the premises—unless the bedbugs are taking over your entire building.
  • Do not ignore it or delay taking action.
  • Do not apply pesticides (especially if you are not properly trained or knowledgeable on chemicals).
  • Do not place blame on any guests or staff.
  • Do not assume all bugs are bed bugs.
  • Do not move guests and their belongings to new rooms without first inspecting and washing their items.
  • Do not bring clean linens near dirty ones that need to be washed.

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Household Pests: Inspect before you move

Moving can be exciting at times, for example, when moving in with your spouse, upsizing, or moving into your dream neighborhood. But beware of common household pests. These home pests can be a big problem if not addressed appropriately. It is much better to discover household pests before you move in so that you can avoid exponential expansion of these home pests during your sleep. Here are some tips to help you learn whether or not you have any common household pests in your new home.

First Household Pest Inspection

The first task you want to complete is a line of sight inspection. You should be concerned about household pests if:

  • There are glue traps or insect monitors with household pests trapped in them
  • You see spiders, carpet beetles, pantry pests or roaches
  • There is dust along walls, around doorways or behind appliances

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Hotel Bed Bug Treatment Plan

Hotel_bedbug_treatment_plan_image.pngYou wake up on a normal day. The sun is out and you are feeling great, as if nothing can bring you down. You head to the hotel you manage and with a smile you greet your guests and staff as you walk through the lobby. You enter your office when a few moments later your phone rings. You answer and it’s the front desk. The last thing you ever want to hear, which you could not have even fathomed is: 

“Sir/Ma’am, we have reports of bed bugs in room 2010. What do we do?”

Well, what do you do? Although we hope for the best, we must always prepare for the worst. So, do you have a hotel bed bug treatment plan? If you do not have a bed bug action plan for your hospitality business, here are tips to help you devise one.

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Keeping Pigeons Off Brownstones

Bird pigeon control on manhattan brownstoneBirds and Pigeons can create big problems for NYC Brownstones, birds will nest and roost on various areas of the building. In particular they love the cornice ledges, architechture, windowsills, roof lines etc.... Further birds create all sorts of problems like droppings, health hazards, slip hazzard & of course a huge eyesore. Standard Pest specialized in keeping bird off your brownstone, we offer the installation of various discreet physical deterents to keep the birds off your building. We will install a discreet physical deterent, spikes, stealth net, shock track etc.. Just give us a call and we will swing by to take a photo & measurements & provide you with an estimate for service.

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