Do it Yourself Pest Control


So you thought you saw a mouse in your apartment. Well, in NYC that’s quite possible with all the food establishments, recycling and multifamily housing. The first question you have to ask yourself is: how did they get there? You can then apply this simple do it yourself pest control treatment to keep your home pest-free.

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Chowtal Group Comprised of Standard Staff


Standard Pest has been located in Queens, NY for 85 years, and our staff is as diverse as our home borough. Standard's employees are from all backgrounds and we are proud of our diversity. A number of Standard techs from Trinidad and Tobago are members of a local Chowtal group that is achieving local notoriety. Recently, the TNT Richmond Hill Chowtal Group had the opportunity to perform at City Hall in NYC. Chowtal is a form of folksong of North India's Bhojpuri region, sung by amateurs during the vernal Phagwa or Holi festival. In Chowtal, two rows of singers face each other (semi-circle), with a "dholak" drummer at one end, and sing lines of Hindi text antiphonally. Congratulations to our team members!

USGBC Organizational Member

Standard Pest Management is now a proud member of the USGBC. We support their mission of a prosperous and sustainable future. Standards Green Pest Management program is based on the concept of integrated pest management we have been practicing for several decades. LEED certification is based on a point system and implementing an IPM pest control program is worth points. In addition a project meets the requirements of an IPM service if it is provided by a Green Pro certified member in good standing of the National Pest Management Association which Standard Pest Management is. Our ability to partner with a facilities key personnel to address structural, housekeeping & sanitation issues is what makes our program successful in providing a pest free environment along with the intelligent use of selected pesticides. Please feel free to contact us for more information in regard to our Green Pest Management option.

Household Pests: Inspect before you move

Moving can be exciting at times, for example, when moving in with your spouse, upsizing, or moving into your dream neighborhood. But beware of common household pests. These home pests can be a big problem if not addressed appropriately. It is much better to discover household pests before you move in so that you can avoid exponential expansion of these home pests during your sleep. Here are some tips to help you learn whether or not you have any common household pests in your new home.

First Household Pest Inspection

The first task you want to complete is a line of sight inspection. You should be concerned about household pests if:

  • There are glue traps or insect monitors with household pests trapped in them
  • You see spiders, carpet beetles, pantry pests or roaches
  • There is dust along walls, around doorways or behind appliances

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Drain Service

Filthy_Drain.jpgKeep Drains Clean

Clean drains are essential to the success of your food service facility. Floor drains are a HUGE culprit for fly breeding sites. Physical removal of debris & sanitizing/enzyme application is the key to eliminating flies from breeding. Debris must be removed from the rim, pipe lining and bottom of the drain. FLoor drains that dont recieve a lot of use are usually in the worst shape. Water may dry up allowing american roaches to come in fruit flies will breed as well as drain flies. A dirty floor drain can infest a restaurant with fruit flies in as few as 8 days.

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Keeping Pigeons Off Brownstones

Bird pigeon control on manhattan brownstoneBirds and Pigeons can create big problems for NYC Brownstones, birds will nest and roost on various areas of the building. In particular they love the cornice ledges, architechture, windowsills, roof lines etc.... Further birds create all sorts of problems like droppings, health hazards, slip hazzard & of course a huge eyesore. Standard Pest specialized in keeping bird off your brownstone, we offer the installation of various discreet physical deterents to keep the birds off your building. We will install a discreet physical deterent, spikes, stealth net, shock track etc.. Just give us a call and we will swing by to take a photo & measurements & provide you with an estimate for service.

Typically brownstones will require a lift to safely gain access to the cornice/roofline area. This is acheived by a lift rental. Typical charge is around $900.00.

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Food Safety Service

IMG_20130525_174629_Fotor.jpgLet Standard be your partner in compliance and pest prevention.
Keeping your facility and products free of pests and contaminants is critical to the success of your organization. Let Standard Pest Management be your partner in maintaining a compliant & pest free facility. Our extensive experience in food industry pest management, sanitation, housekeeping & GMP's make us a perfect partner.

A Pest Control Log Book is provided to be kept onsite, this log book contains critical and legal documents pertaining to the pest management program. The log book contains, device service records, service reports, Standard pest management's business license, ceritificate of insurance, pesticide applicator licenses, pesticide MSDS and labels that are applied as well as other important documents.

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Bed Bug Heat Chamber Service


Standard Pest has ZappBug Heat Chambers available for your use. You can either have us bring it to your location or bring an item to us. Heat chambers kill bedbugs in all stages including eggs without the use of pesticides. Once the heat inside the chamber reaches a lethal level all stages of bedbugs are eliminated. This is great for anyone who is traveling and wants to treat a suitcase before bringing it home or a way to treat sensitive items.  

Bedbug Heat Treatment

hobonode1Standard Pest Management performs a specialized bedbug treatment called thermal heat treatments, the process of killing bedbugs using high temperatures. This is an attractive approach for eliminating bedbugs as it is chemical free, we can heat an entire structure in one treatment and you can be bedbug free by bedtime! Bedbugs and their eggs will die immediately at temperatures above 122ºF. We monitor the heat wirelessly on a laptop & inspect with thermal imaging technology to ensure temperatures reach lethal levels and stay there for the correct period of time to eliminate the customers bedbug infestation.

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