Pest Proofing/Exclusion Service

Trained Standard personnel will locate rodent access points and seal them with a variety of professional materials including exclusion brushes for doors, copper mesh, sealants, sheet metal, escutcheon plates and cement. We perform an on site analysis of all potential rodent/pest access points and than we will supply you with a price to perform the exclusion work. We will eliminate any current pest problem in conjunction with sealing them out to prevent future pest problems. We perform pest exclusion/proofing services from apartments to commercial warehousing facilities and anything in between.

Our Pest Proofing/Exclusion Service Includes:

  • Locating & Identifying Pest Harborage Sites
  • Locating Entry Points
  • Eliminating Current Pest Activity 
  • Sealing/Patching/Repairing Entry Points
  • Making Recommendations to Prevent Pest Activity in The Future
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Tree Pit & Planter Pest Proofing

Eliminate rodent burrows and city violations 

Rodents burrowing in your planters and tree pits can cause city violations and fines, not too mention how unsightly burrowing rodents are. Standard will install a impenetrable layer in your tree pits to keep rodents from burrowing. The layer is made up of coarse stainless steel fibers. Burrowing rodents are unable to get through. 

The material is installed under landscaping and allows grass and small plants to grow through, is non-toxic and safe for the environment, the stainless fibers are non corroding, making the material last indefinitely. 

  • Green service.
  • Non toxic.
  • lasts indefinitely.
  • Eliminate rodent violations.

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Eliminate rodent burrows and city violations from Standard Pest Management on Vimeo.

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