Nuisance wildlife control.pngWildlife Control

Wondering whats causing all that noise in the attic?

StandardPest has trained and licensed N.W.C.O. (Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators) to handle squirells in the attic, raccoons in the garage and whatever else that is becoming an unwanted tennant. We will safely and humanely remove any wildlife and locate and identify how they got in to prevent future unwanted guests. Animals carry diseases and can do alot of damage.

Our Wildlife Control Services Consist Of:


  • Site inspection to locate & identify entry points.
  • Removal of wildlife safely & humanely.
  • Sealing, patching & repair of entry points.

Pests Included in Wildlife Services:


  • Raccoon
  • Squirrel
  • Opossum
  • Bat
  • Skunk
  • Birds