Canada geese Egg Addling

Canada geese Egg Addling

Canada geese Egg Addling in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, NY or NJ

People who have never heard of egg addling probably wonder what it could possibly have to do with population control in Canada geese. It actually can be a very helpful tool to deal with the problem of nuisance birds in many urban and suburban areas. NYC and Long Island have contended with rising residential Canada goose numbers for quite a few years. Standard Pest Management specializes in providing Egg Addling services to all of our customers.

Canada geese are historically migratory birds. Average adults weigh between eight and ten pounds and are about 35 inches tall. They are quite impressive, especially when dozens of them congregate in one location. Majestic comes to mind when spotted in their V formations in the sky en route to unknown destinations. In places like NYC, however where goose populations have exploded, enthralled and awe inspired is tempered with annoyance.

The abundance of Canada geese in urban areas such as Long Island is not for love of humans. Canada geese do love what people have done to the environment. A combination of federal protection, release of previously captive birds, and scores of lawns, golf courses and city parks has paved the way for large residential populations of Canada geese. These birds do not migrate, having adjusted to ideal nesting spots and abundant food sources.

Faced with the daunting task of decreasing the Canada geese population, and not just in NY, scientists have tried to find a variety of suitable alternatives to extermination or culling. One intriguing method is Canada geese egg addling. Addling treats a goose egg before hatching to render it sterile. If performed correctly, the female goose will continue to incubate the eggs as usual. This contrasts egg and nest destruction which will often lead to the goose laying a new batch. Interestingly, egg addling is species specific. Not surprisingly, it requires education and training or the results will be ambivalent at best. Also, since it is considered a humane addition to population control, laws and regulations apply to its proper administration.

There are several approved methods of addling. Oiling coats the egg with 100 percent food grade corn oil is very common and effective. This method prevents air exchange into the shell, depriving the embryo of oxygen to develop. Another effective method is simply removing the eggs and replacing them with dummies. Meanwhile, the adler would cool and dispose of the incubating eggs. Egg puncturing is an approved method of addling, although odor may be more of a concern with it. Finally, eggs can be addled with old fashioned shaking. This is the most time consuming and ineffective of the approved methods, but great for someone with just one or two nests and a few eggs.

The primary concerns with any population control program, especially concerning wildlife, is effectiveness and legality. Although a federal permit is no longer needed for Canada geese egg addling in Long Island or Westchester County, proper execution is best left to professionals. Standard Pest Management has teams trained in proper techniques and educated on the regulations concerning federally protected species.

They are skilled in ensuring humane treatment of the eggs and proper disposal if applicable. Furthermore, they will make sure all prospective sites and actions are properly registered with the governing officials in NY. Egg addling can be an effective step in long term management of burgeoning Canada geese populations in NYC and Westchester County.

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