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Wildlife Control & Relocation Services Within the New York City Metro Area

At Standard Pest Management, we specialize in humane wild animal control and relocation services for residential or commercial customers. We will safely and humanely remove any wildlife and locate and identify how they got in to prevent future unwanted guests.

Animals carry diseases and can do a lot of damage if the problem goes unresolved. With over 90 years of experience dealing with nuisance wildlife, our knowledge has given us a firm stance on how to provide a solution to any animal related problem your property may be having.

Examples of Nuisance Wildlife Damage & Proofing Techniques/Custom Traps We’ve Installed


Wildlife Infestation Clean-Up & Power-Washing Services

It does not matter what animal has been nesting in your home. Whether it’s a squirrel or birds, it’s virtually guaranteed that there will be collateral damage in the form of toxic droppings as well as nesting material.

Standard Pest Management specializes in incredibly powerful pressure washing solutions. We have industrial-strength, high PSI tools and disinfectants that were created by design; to not only clean out an infested area, but to completely sanitize it as well.

Please take a look at the before & after photos. We have routine experience power-washing bird dropping messes, animal remains, bird & nuisance wildlife nests and much more. The difference is truly night and day. Besides the obvious eyesore appearance of an infested area on your property, nuisance wildlife nests and (or) droppings can transmit plenty of germs. If you’ve had squirrels nesting in your attic for the last 6 months, there’s bound to be an issue surrounding your air quality.

Most facilities & homes we treat have central air systems. In these cases, the animals have either already penetrated the air ducts or the nests are nearby and germs are transmitted airborne when the heating or AC begins to run. Allow us to help rid your house of nuisance wildlife, they’re filthy nests and provide a healthy atmosphere for you to breathe.

How We Help Manage & Relocate Nuisance Animal Populations

Our field technicians will visit your home, apartment complex or commercial property and evaluate each problem in a specific manner that will be customized to fit your needs. The reason for this is that each animal has its own habitat as well as behavioral patterns.

We take all of this into account along with where they are being spotted on your property. Our most important focus is devising a solution so that the wildlife are not returning to your property to wreak havoc. We will formulate a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Why Choose Standard Pest Management for Wildlife Control?

About Standard Pest Management

  • Nuisance Animal Control Since 1929.
  • Serving All of New York City, Long Island, Westchester & Northern, NJ.
  • Fully Licensed, Insured & Certified.
  • Specializing In Interior & Exterior Animal Removal.
  • Humane Treatment.

Facts About Animal & Wildlife Control

  • Unless all entry points are sealed, your animal problem will never end.
  • Each animal has different behavioral patterns and biology.
  • Animals carry pests such as Ticks, Mites & Fleas.
  • They cause property damage.
  • You can commonly see them scavenging through garbage at night making a large mess.

The Most Common Nuisance Wildlife We Deal With

There are quite a few nuisance animals that we tend to provide solutions for in a common manner across New York’s Metro area.

These Include:

Our Commercial Wildlife Control & Relocation Services

The very first things our nuisance animal field technicians will do is inspect your property. The key is identifying common entry points where these animals are getting in. After we’re able to do a comprehensive, thorough site inspection while marking down all of the open areas, our technician will give you an idea of what your current exposure is.

Now that the areas of exposure around the property have been completely listed, we’ll safely and humanely remove any nuisance wildlife on your property. Trust us when we say that Standard’s technicians have daily experience and loving solving a tough problem. We have a variety of different traps and methods toward capturing any nuisance animals and relocating them in a humane manner.

Wildlife Proofing & Exclusion Services

Once all of the animals are completely off your property, we will begin sealing away any exposed area we found in order to permanently keep these nuisance animals out.

This includes proper sealing, patching, and even repair work to ensure the job is done properly and to your satisfaction. Our technicians have plenty of experience installing elements like door sweeps and sealing off possible entry paths practically everywhere!

The key here is to be proactive. Nuisance animals such as squirrels, raccoons, or opossums will never permanently leave. Since that’s a fact that we have to understand, it’s important for you to know that you do have plenty of options for keeping them off your property. At Standard Pest Management, we take a proactive approach toward every service we provide. In this case, let’s go over how we would handle a consistent nuisance animal issue at your facility or home.

Inspection: The primary activity that Standard technicians will take is to figure out what nuisance animal species is visiting your property and how they’re getting in.

Proofing & Exclusion: Once we’ve gotten the data, we’ll revisit nearly every area of your property to seal up existing entry-ways and to install enhanced protection. This is just a fancier way of saying that if animals are getting into your home or building through the rooftop, it may be necessary and smart for us to install a ‘gutter guard’. In this case, we would seal up the existing holes, get rid of the pests bothering you, provide clean-up services (if you choose) and install an additional layer of protection to prevent them from re-entering again.

Nuisance Animals Can Spread Disease

The last thing you want is for a member of your family, an employee or customer to get bitten by a tick or mite and get sick. Many of the wildlife roaming around New York looking for food are also covered by parasites including Ticks, Mites, or Fleas. None of these are a positive and they all enjoy feasting on human blood. Don’t let your animal problem spread into a completely separate pest infestation issue.

Wildlife Carcass Removal Services

Though not one of the most pleasant projects our field technicians enjoy, we specialize in animal carcass removal. Whether there is a dead animal outside your home or near commercial property where customers or employees intersect, its very important that it is disposed of quickly. These things happen inside and outside of properties.

The most common things we hear from clients usually include:

  • An awful odor permeating from inside the property
  • Appearance of flies or maggots
  • Facts About Animal & Wildlife Control
  • Awful odor outside property
  • Fluid stains along the ceilings or walls
  • Health risk concerns

These are completely valid reasons as to why a dead animal should be removed. Our most challenging projects usually occur when we’re tasked with removing a dead animal stuck inside ventilation, between walls, inside a chimney, underneath floor boards, inside an attic or a basement. These are always messy and have the potential to be hazardous. Therefore our team always come suited up with the appropriate gear including gloves, a HEPA gas mask and more for their own protection.

The Areas We Provide Wildlife Control

Standard Pest Management has been providing all phases of pest management throughout the entire NYC Metro Area since 1929. Check out all of the areas we cover:

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