Multi-Unit Apartment Pest Management

Multi-Unit Apartment Pest Control 
Multi-Unit Apartment Pest Management

Multi-Unit Apartment Pest Management

Multi-Unit Apartment Pest Control 
Multi-Unit Apartment Pest Management

Multi-Unit Apartment Pest Management

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Multi-Unit Apartment Pest Control 
Multi-Unit Apartment Pest Management

Multi-Unit Apartment Building Pest Management in the NYC Metro Area

Standard-Pest-Management0003Due to the number of places that pests can hide, multi-unit apartment pest management can be a particularly challenging job. That’s why Standard Pest Management offers a wide range of services for apartment pest control and multi-family housing pest control.

We’re committed to making sure that your multi-family property stays free of pests, odor, and damage so that your tenants are happy, healthy and safe. Our locations in The New York City, Northern and NJ Metro Area make it easy to get personalized service when and where it’s needed. If you own or manage Multi-Family Housing in New York City, you’ll want to give us a call!

Odor Control Solutions We Offer

Chute Cleaning-odor controlBuyers and renters may not realize it, but searching for their next home is done as much with the nose as with the eyes. Lingering smells in a multi-family home or complex can hurt your property value.

Standard Pest Management offers a wide range of solutions to odor issues in your property. Air freshening systems are available for trash rooms and washrooms that automatically dispense fresh aromas to keep unpleasant smells to a minimum. We also offer air filtration systems so that hallways, entries, and other shared spaces both feel and smell fresh and clean.

Ejector Pit Services

ejector pit pestIn a building with several tenants, issues with the ejector pit can very quickly escalate into an issue that affects everyone. Pests and clogs can prevent waste water from leaving the building, sometimes causing it to overflow and damage the building.

Standard Pest Management has technicians that can come to your property and quickly fix issues with your ejector pit, saving you thousands in repairs down the road.

Proactive Pest Management for Apartments or Multi-Family Complexes

Integrated-Pest-Management-Services0200Over the years, apartments and multi-family complexes naturally start to attract pests of all kinds.

These include:

These pests can all make their way indoors, causing damage to property, carrying disease, and just generally being very annoying for tenants. In addition to typical pest management, we offer cleaning, preventive services, and termite remediation. Standard Property Management has services to address every variety of pest, so you can be confident that you’re providing residents with the best possible protection. Our prices are competitive, and our service is quick, respectful, and discreet so that there’s minimal interruption for the folks in your complex.

Bedbug Inspection & Treatment Solutions

bedbug treatment for multifamily housing in nycBedbugs are a property owner’s worst nightmare, so it’s important to stay ahead of any infestation. Professional inspection that is performed early and often is the key to preventing larger issues.

Often, these biting insects are hard to spot. Our trained experts are able to identify early signs, and quickly assess what sort of treatment is needed. We offer a wide range of effective solutions such as chemical treatments that kill adults and larvae, as well as biopesticide treatments.

Exclusion & Proofing Services to Keep Rodents or Wildlife Out

Rodent-Control-Removal-Services0001You will hear us say often that prevention is the best method, and we love to help property owners solve pest issues by installing preventative tools like door sweeps and seals.

By installing products like window screens, door sweeps on all exterior doors, window seals, and automatic door closers, we minimize the need for future pest removal. In addition to these services, we can also perform assessments to identify where pests might enter, like cracks or utility openings. Once we’ve found openings, we’ll seal the up for your to make sure nothing gets in.

Bird Control & Deterrent Solutions

Bird spike installer in nycNeed to get rid of some birds? Standard Pest Control has a solution to suit your multi-family housing pest control needs. Humane bird deterrent gels keep birds from nesting on your building with a combination of scents that birds like pigeons and other large birds hate.

The sticky gel makes it unpleasant to land, so they find somewhere to roost that isn’t your property. Mechanical options like bird spikes and bird netting make it physically impossible to land on roofs, ledges, and other points on the building.

Compactor Chute Cleaning

compactor chute dusting in nycDirty trash chutes are a hot spot for germs, bacteria, mice and bugs plus they tend to smell terrible. Our multi-unit apartment pest management includes a compactor chute treatment that not only removes gunk and grime, it also cleans compactor chutes with enzyme products that leave it less prone to bugs, mice, and odors.

Compactor Chute Dusting

When we send a technician to clean your compactor chute, you can expect a job well done. Before starting the job, we tape and label hopper doors. First, the main compactor is power washed to remove debris.

Then, all the hopper doors are cleaned and oiled. Finally, the chute is dusted and an enzyme cleaner is applied to keeps things fresh. You will be amazed by the transformation.

Power-Washing & Cleaning Solutions for Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings

Bird dropping power washingAlthough we’re always happy to send an exterminator when needed, one great way to minimize issues is to keep a property clean. Beyond the typical pest control offerings, we can also come to your apartment or multi-family complex to clean and wash the building. Keeping a property clean is a great way to make it less appealing to pests and wildlife.

Sidewalk Cleaning, Exterior Surfaces, Rooftops & More

sidewalk cleaaningHow long has it been since your property was power washed outside? Pressure washing exterior walls, sidewalks, and rooftops blasts away insect nests, mildew, and other grime. This not only keeps the place looking clean and new, it also helps maintain the integrity of the building.

Wildlife & Bird Dropping Pressure-Washing, Clean-Ups & Disinfectant Solutions

residential powerwashingLast but not least, Standard Pest Control can help with apartment pest control by performing bird dropping clean-ups. Although bird droppings might seem harmless, they can carry diseases, accumulate on and around your apartment, and can actually cause damage due to their acidity.

When you give us a call, we dispatch a cleaner who will pressure wash away any droppings, clean up residual material and apply disinfectants to protect your residents. Contact us today for a quote on any of our many pest management services!

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The Areas We Provide Multi-Unit Apartment Pest Control

Standard Pest Management has been providing all phases of pest management throughout the entire NYC Metro Area since 1929. Check out all of the areas we cover:

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New York City's 5 Boroughs
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • The Bronx
  • Staten Island
Upstate Metro Counties
  • Westchester
  • Fairfield
  • Rockland
  • Orange
  • Putnam
Northern, New Jersey
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  • Passaic
  • Essex

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