Canada geese Harassment

Canada geese Harassment

Canada Geese Harassment in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, NY or Northern, NJ

Pests invade homes, parks and public streets. Canada geese, just like roaches and pigeons, are known to be just as annoying and invasive. Standard Pest Management has professional services for anyone in need of geese pest control in the NYC, Long Island and Westchester County areas.

Canada geese are migrating birds that are native to North America. They are small, lightweight and relatively harmless, so the birds present no serious dangers. On the other hand, they are similar to pigeons because they dwell in human-occupied areas and populate rapidly because of having few predators. They are not afraid of crowds and tend to get too close and bother people. They live in groups that are loud and leave droppings in any place that they visit. Canada geese are pests and may need to be removed in certain places like parks or streets.

Canada geese Harassment Techniques

Getting rid of Canada geese does not just involve killing them. It is a multi-step process that starts with a careful inspection. At Standard Pest Management, we first inspect the area where the sightings of these pests are reported. We look for large cracks and openings where the geese may be hiding.

As pest managers, we figure out why these pests are appearing in places where they don’t belong. We review their living conditions and the factors that attract them to those areas. Then, we select the most appropriate methods of pest control based on cost, efficiency and environment.

Canada Geese Harassment Options

Canada geese harassment is the deterrent that we use most often. The easiest and most effective way is using dogs to chase after the geese. Pointing lasers at the birds or setting off fireworks is another option. Overall, Canada geese harassment is preferred because it is the safest, most humane way to get rid of birds.

However, the use of dogs is not totally effective at removing pests. On crowded streets, dogs should not run where cars are speeding by, and they may harass the humans more than the geese. Our pest experts will find an alternative method of removing the birds.

Education is One of Our Best Methods At Handling geese Flocks

Education is the final method of pest control. We educate our customers about why the geese are populating the area and becoming pests. We help remove the geese and tell them how to prevent the problem from recurring.After removing the geese, it’s important to clean and sanitize the affected area.

Some people try to do the work themselves, but they may not wear gloves and severely risk their health in the process. Many people don’t know that geese may carry diseases and infect people through their droppings. As pest managers, we also specialize in cleaning and disinfecting all of the places that had pests.

Harassment in NYC, Northern, NJ, Long Island, Westchester County & Beyond…

Noisy Canada geese should not prevent you from living a peaceful existence. We have removed thousands of pests for NYC, Long Island and Westchester County residents. Contact our providers whether you need the harassment technique or some other deterrent that is safe and humane.

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