Canada geese Hazing

Canada geese Hazing

Canada geese Hazing Services in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, NY or Northern, NJ

Canada geese hazing is a term that most people may have never heard. What is it? Put simply, Canada geese hazing is harassment of the birds in order to deter them from staying on a particular piece of property. Just as some people put up with annoying neighbors in order to stay where they are, birds are also willing to withstand a certain amount of annoyance in order to remain in their area of choice.

The Habitat of Canada geese

For example, if there are good food sources and a pleasing environment, they are often willing to put up with people yelling at them from time to time. Hazing means making the circumstances so undesirable for the trespassing birds that they decide to go elsewhere.

Once a flock of geese finds a place they like, they stay. To make things worse, other flocks will often join them because it’s a desirable place for geese. This compounds the problem for the property owner. Their home and grounds will become covered with goose droppings, which can carry diseases. You certainly don’t want your family or employees exposed to that danger. Additionally, birds often carry parasites like mites and ticks. Again, not something you’d want in your yard or at your place of business.

Dealing with a Canada geese Flock Invasion

The problem is that the average person simply doesn’t know how to deal with an infestation of birds. Canada geese hazing is best left to the experts who are qualified to deal with Canada geese in the proper manner. In populated areas such as NY, Long Island, and Westchester County, bird control is absolutely essential. Bird droppings are unsanitary, not to mention they look unsightly on buildings and the grounds. The sooner you get rid of your geese problem, the better.

Eliminate Your Canada geese Flock Problem Today

The fastest and most effective way to eradicate your bird control headache is to make a call to a profession who is equipped to deal with your specific issue. If geese hazing is done right, you’ll be bird-free in no time at all. Canada geese can be relentless once they’ve become entrenched in an area such as NYC. That’s why you have to bring in the experts. They have the experience and equipment to alleviate your bird problem.

The Effectiveness Behind geese Hazing

Bird hazing can involve using sound to irritate the birds. Firing blanks or setting off fireworks will make geese nervous, but it needs to be done repeatedly. Many people think that a barking dog will deter geese as canines are their natural predator. If you have a domestic dog tied up in your yard, that will not get rid of your geese problem. The birds will quickly realize that the dog is no real threat to them. A bird control company will be able to more effectively deal with the geese than the average home or business owner.

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If you live in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, NY or Northern, NJ, you should call Standard Pest Management to take care of your geese problem. While hazing can be a humane method to rid yourself of geese, it requires consistency and specialized expertise to work. In NY or any other well-populated area, you will be much better off bringing in knowledgeable wildlife personnel to deter the birds on your property. That way, you’ll be showing the geese that you are removing the welcome mat from your home or place of business.

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