Canadian geese Control Methods

Canadian geese Control Methods

Canadian Geese Control Methods in NYC, Long Island or Westchester County, NY

Not too long ago, Canadian geese were almost extinct. Today, the population of Canadian geese is so high that they are problematic to NYC and many other urban and suburban areas.

The large population is causing many problems to communities (e.g. attacks, crops being eaten, and contamination of water and land from their feces). Communities all across America have already started utilizing various Canadian geese control methods.

NYC, Long Island, Westchester County & Northern, NJ can utilize the following Canadian geese control methods

Humanely Scaring geese

The most common method that communities are taking to control the Canadian geese populations is humanely scaring. The most effective scaring method is using dogs that are trained to herd geese. Geese-herding should not be done by any dogs. The dogs must be effectively trained to eliminate the geese from the area. A dog that is not trained properly can simply send the geese into the water or may not scare them anytime, which can teach the geese to not be afraid of dogs.

The dogs should be trained not to catch or hurt the geese. Noises of pyrotechnics, propane cannons, or goose distress calls are also effective in scaring geese away. Geese are intelligent creatures; therefore, decoys of threatening animals are not effective deterrents , and they grow accustomed to many frightening noises that are not of pyrotechnics, propane cannons, or goose distress calls.

Egg Addling

Egg addling is a method to control the geese population. Egg addling is done by treating the eggs with corn oil or removing the eggs and replacing them with fake eggs. In order to be humane, it should be done as soon as possible.

Egg addling works by limiting the number of geese being born and freeing adult geese to migrate because they are not caring for their babies who cannot fly yet. If you are interested in egg addling, you will need to consult your community, get trained, receive a permit, and get permission.

Changing Habitats

Making an environment inhospitable to geese will force them to move elsewhere. Reducing the amount of lawn, replacing Kentucky blue grass with other grasses, treating grass with repellents that makes it taste foul to geese, and not feeding geese will reduce the population because they will be unable to eat their favorite food.

Planting thick, tall plants by water, planting taller plants that predators could hide behind, locating sports fields and other grassy places far away from water, and planting trees between water and grass will reduce geese by not providing them with shelter.

Geese Control Can Be Done Humanely

Contrary to popular belief, killing geese does not solve the problem because more geese come along. Taking measures humane measures to scare the geese, limit the population, or make an environment undesirable to geese are effective at solving the problem in the long-term. The source of the problem is the environment being desirable to geese, not the geese themselves.

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