Deterrent Solutions for Canadian Geese

Deterrent Solutions for Canadian Geese

Deterrent Solutions for Canadian Geese in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, NY or Northern NJ

Canadian geese are one of the biggest and most frustrating pests that many people encounter. These birds migrate through NYC, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ each year, destroying landscaping and covering things in their droppings.

Since federal law does not allow people to harm migrating birds, those who want to get rid of the geese need to find nonviolent Canada geese deterrent solutions. Here are a few ways you can encourage geese to leave your property alone.

Play Unpleasant Sounds

Geese are very sensitive to sound, so certain recordings can be a good way to get the geese to avoid your property. A combination of predator calls and geese distress noises will make the geese think your property is an unsafe area that they should avoid. Sudden, random, loud sounds can easily get geese to disperse.

Keep Goose Friendly Plants to a Minimum

Canadian geese prefer to eat young shoots of grass, and they love certain species more than others. You can deter geese by planting any species of grass besides Kentucky bluegrass, and try to avoid regularly clipping grass or treating it with fertilizers. Let grass grow taller and tougher instead of keeping it at the level geese like.

Post a Scary Decoy

Of course having a big decoy statue might not work in an urban area like NYC, but it can be helpful in more rural regions. Good options for deterrents include coyotes and other natural predators of the geese. If the geese are congregating near water, use decoys that look like alligator heads or dead geese.

Install Motion Activated Water Features

Water is definitely annoying to Canadian geese, but it does not count as violent, so it will not break the Westchester County and Long Island laws. The most effective deterrents will be ones that are activated with motion and have some sort of alarming sound. You can use sprinklers on dry ground, and in ponds, water fountains can be effective as long as they are sudden and strong.

Make the Landscape Intimidating

Geese tend to prefer areas with access to water and wide, open areas. They do not like landing in areas with lots of tall plants and dense shrubs that predators could hide in. With the right landscape planning, you can create an attractive lawn that does not look welcoming or safe to geese.

Use a Goose Repellent

There are several non-toxic repellents that tend to encourage geese to stay away from your property. They are made from ingredients like grape flavoring that irritate geese without harming the geese, any other animals, or humans. To use it, all you need to do is spray it along areas where the Canadian geese tend to congregate.

If you cannot get rid of Canadian geese on your own, do not despair. At Standard Pest Management, we have plenty of experience in dealing with these tricky birds. Call us today to find out more about the Canada geese deterrent solutions that we offer.

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