Compactor Chute Dusting

Compactor Chute Treatment & Dusting 

Compactor Chute Dusting

Compactor Chute Treatment & Dusting 

Compactor Chute Dusting

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Compactor Chute Treatment & Dusting 

Compactor Chute Dusting Services in the NYC Metro Area

garbage compactor 1There are a plethora of reasons why you should conduct compactor chute dusting in New York City, New Jersey. Over time, science has proven that pathogens within a breathing distance will culminate in adverse effects on eyes, nose, and throat. Our dusting treatment harbors cockroaches, mice, rats, toxins as well as organic orders. The methods we use in NYC compactor chute dusting will eliminate these issues in apartment buildings or commercial facilities.

We have created a dusting treatment schedule that meets your business finance objectives. We also have dusting equipment with odor-killing microbes, scum-eating, and eco-friendly pesticides.

Common Pests We Find in Garbage Compactor Chutes


Roaches, including the German cockroach, are members of your garbage compactor chutes in NYC. They leave fecal spots that attract other roaches to the chute. All roaches feed on various things in the garbage together with their feces, thus picking viruses and bacteria on their antennae and legs and transferring them to other surfaces in the residential or commercial facilities. Roaches are known to spread salmonella as well as other infections. Note also that their shed skins, poop, and dead bodies may cause asthma and foul odor.


Garbage compactor chutes are known to be a source of food for these insects. There are six ant-species in the US and can grow up to 1/8 inches. Pavement ants are the most common, and they are always searching for food to feed their colonies. They leave scents on their trail to invite other ant-species in their colony. We eliminate these insects using the planned baiting mechanism. Consequently, they take back the insecticide dust to their territories.


Mice and rats are grimy and can cause immense damage and infections, especially if your building has burrows and cracks. These creatures are instinctively aware of pest control techniques such as baits and traits. However, rodents will be entirely eradicated from your compactor chutes, thanks to our rodent removal equipment and tools.


When not set up correctly, maintained, and dusted regularly, garbage chutes provide an optimal setting for flies to breed in these chutes since they have heavy-duty waste food. Eggs are laid in this area and grow rapidly into adults. These insects carry bacteria and other germs to your food and other surfaces, thus causing infections.

Odor Control Solutions for Your Chutes

garbage compactor chute in nycCompactors and dumpsters are ideal locations for the auto-mist units. Chutes in New York City contain pests, dust, dirt, and bacteria. Without the removal of strong odors and dust, you are jeopardizing the safety of your employees and customers. Our auto mist units have proved adept in removing extreme odors and clearing dust, leaving behind clean air. It’s known that odors originate from pests dirt and infestations.

There are no limits to the utility of our systems in New Jersey. However, some locations may merit more than the rest. These places include waste management areas, food management, locker rooms, food production companies, tobacco shops, auto shops, hospitals, and steel meals.

Using this system comes with a plethora of benefits. For instance, increased health merits. Foul odors emanating from bacteria may lead to health complications affecting the eyes, throat, and nose. Removing these smells will improve the productivity of employees since the environment is conducive for work.

Auto mist structures also handle maintenance issues. Compactors require maintenance to keep infestations, strong odors, and harmful bacteria at bay. With these odor-removal systems, you will prevent pests from getting to your facility.

Rid Your Chutes of Dangerous Bacteria & Germs

The location where dust is formed is the transfer point. We will install industrial-grade dust collection tools and maintain them regularly to improve their efficiency.

Controlling airflow in the chutes minimizes dust generation in transfer points. Airflow through material mass has to be reduced in volume; thus, its capacity to convey microbial material is minimized.

We incorporate critical design features and transfer compactor chutes to mitigate dust generation through proper comprehension of airflows and dust generation.

Understanding the type of pests in your chutes is crucial. Microscopic material is made up of various groovy components. We will determine the monsters in your chutes and ensure they are eradicated using our dusting tools.

We use HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Absorption) air purifiers containing allergen filters to minimize dust in the chutes. Dust is also reduced with our vacuum machines in your apartment building.

We create a routine for garbage compactor chute dusting to ensure the number of bacteria and germs is reduced.

How Our Compactor Chute Dusting Treatment Works

Fill or seal holes, cracks, and voids floors, walls, and ceilings of chute areas—seal or caulk openings entering the chute area around wires, pipes, events, and cables.

Keep the clutter, such as garbage bags and boxes away from the compactor chute. Chute locations should be routinely inspected.

Use white high-gloss paint to paint the chute room. This paint will show where and when cleaning is required.

The compactor chute should be enzyme-or steam-cleaned and routinely degreased. Our exterminator can use insecticide dust on the chute when necessary.

After the chute is dusted and degreased, the exterminator should treat the crevices, cracks, door threshold as well as the chute door’s perimeter.

Doors that lead to the chute area should always be closed and sealed tightly using door sweeps and bottom thresholds.

Enforce policies that indicate that all food packaging and garbage must be bagged and tied before being deposited on the chutes.

When dusting your facility, we will clean under all furniture. Pests hide in hard-to-reach areas like under coaches and desks. We will remove all the unnecessary furniture in your facility to eradicate breeding grounds for pests.

Our garbage compactor chute dusting treatment will reach the baseboard molding ridges to eradicate dust buildup and minimize pathogens in your premise. Besides dusting your floors, we don’t forget to dust your walls.

Computer screens emit static electricity, and they should not be sprayed using any product. Microfiber fabrics are utilized for dusting these areas.

The Areas We Provide Compactor Chute Treatment & Dusting

Standard Pest Management has been providing all phases of pest management throughout the entire NYC Metro Area since 1929. Check out all of the areas we cover:

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