Steam Vapor & Chemical Treatment for Bed Bug Removal in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

If a bed bug infestation has taken over your New York, New Jersey, Long Island or Westchester property, you’re not alone. The parasitic pests migrate by hitching rides on clothing, furniture or luggage.

In heavily populated areas, they can spread like wildfire. If they’ve invaded your space, you need to act quickly.

Attacking the problem with DIY measures isn’t your answer, because:

  • The insects are notorious for hiding in hard-to-reach places.
  • They can remain hidden up to a year without feeding.
  • Feeding female bugs lay between five and eight eggs per day.
  • While you wait for DIY measures to take hold, one bed bug can multiply into hundreds.

So what is your answer? Our team of professional NY and NJ pest management & control experts are waiting to tackle your bed bug removal with their proven, two-pronged approach.

The Power for Eliminating Bed Bugs With Steam & Chemical Treatment

Steam treatment is highly effective for controlling soft-surface bed bug infestations. Steam vapors penetrate fabrics 3/4 inches thick. They also kill pests hiding in cracks or crevices up to 2 3/8 inches deep. Steam heated to between 160 and 180 degrees F exterminates all bed bug stages — eggs, nymphs and adults. By driving the pests out of their deeper hideaways, it also exposes them to chemical controls.

Chemical bed bug treatment picks up where steam leaves off. EPA- and state-approved dusts, liquids and sprays work on hard surfaces where steam can’t. Dusts are best on furniture liquids could damage. Aerosols equipped with crevice tips are great at killing bed bug colonies in the tightest spaces. We use the smallest effective amounts of the least toxic chemicals. They’re chosen based on the strains of bed bugs you’re battling, the materials they’re infesting and the severity of the problem.

Most importantly, we protect the safety of your home, office or business and the people who use it. When we’re done, every:

  • Piece of furniture
  • Bed frame, mattress and box spring
  • Floor crack, molding and baseboard

Electric outlet and switch plate opening and anywhere else these pests love to call home has been steamed or chemically treated. By combining these two treatments, our expert staff makes sure all your bed bug-infested bases are covered!

Tools, Technology & Technicians You Can Count On for Your Bed Bug Treatment

Why should you call on us to eliminate your bed bug problem? Because you deserve the services of highly experienced, state-licensed technicians equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology.

A bed bug infestation is no laughing matter. Your problem is our problem and we take it seriously. We’re waiting to help with the safe, effective chemical and steam treatments that will save your belongings and — just possibly — your sanity. So why not give us a call today?

Our Bed Bug Steam Treatment Process

Before getting to work, our technicians inspect your home or property. They’ll examine every inch looking for infestations or bed bug-friendly hiding places. If they confirm a problem, they’ll give you a list of preparations to make before your bed bug control treatment starts. These may include:

  • A thorough vacuuming. Hit the baseboards, ceiling moldings and crevices between cushions. Dispose of the vacuum bags or dust container contents outdoors.
  • Moving everything away from the walls.
  • Removing electrical outlet and light cover plates.
  • Pulling out and emptying drawers (including under-the-bed drawers) and sealing their contents in clean plastic bags.
  • Removing the muslin or cheesecloth fabric from beneath box springs, couches and chairs. This lets the bed bug control methods penetrate hiding places.
  • Heating clothes, bedding and stuffed toys you think are infested. Spin them for 30 minutes in a dryer set on high.
  • Heating clothes, bedding and stuffed toys you think are infested. Spin them for 30 minutes in a dryer set on high.
  • Arranging to have people and pets somewhere else for several hours if the treatment requires it.
  • Checking your hotel room thoroughly whenever you travel overnight in the NYC or NJ area. Keep your bags off the floor. Inspect them before bringing them inside on your return.
  • Our service doesn’t end with your first bed bug removal treatment. A follow-up inspection makes sure the problem has been solved. If not, we’re back with a do-over.

Finally, after your home, business or office is bed bug-free, we give you tips like these to keep it that way:

  • Wash and dry your bedding regularly and at the highest safe temperature.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum, especially in your bedrooms.
  • Don’t be tempted by furniture left on the street when someone moves. It may have been left behind because of a bed bug infestation.
  • Finally, do your neighbors a favor. Before discarding your infested items, make them unusable. It could be as simple as writing “Bed Bug Infested” on them with an indelible marker.

Standard Pest Managements’ Bed Bug removal and control program consists of Five steps:

Step 1 | Proper Identification

Proper identification of Bed bugs and acquiring Bed bug information sheet and Bed bug preparation guidelines.

See the Download section below.

Step 2 | Project Preparation

Client cooperation of bed bug removal procedure per Standard Pest Management preparation sheet.

Step 3 | Intensive Treatment

Initial extensive treatment and removal by trained Standard technicians includes:

  • Intensive treatment of sleeping areas
  • Perimeter treatment of rooms and baseboards/molding
  • Intensive treatment of upholstered and non-upholstered furniture
  • Placement of monitor traps

Step 4 | Mattress Protection

Box springs are required for all box springs. Mattress encasements are strongly recommended.

Step 5 | Follow-Up Service

Follow-up Service can be conducted around 10 to 15 days later. This service is included in the initial service price but must be taken no later than 20 days after. It concentrates on areas around the bed. There is a charge for additional services after follow-up.

In cases of extreme Bed Bug infestation, then Chemical, Steam and BioPesticide treatments are available. Contact our office for details.

All occupants and all pets must be out for application and for two and a half hours following. Rooms should then be vented and aired out for a half hour before re-entry. Air conditioner must be off. In apartments with children under a year old, only steam can be used on crib and child’s room.

Our Bed Bug Preparation Forms Downloads Section

Preparation Guidelines for Bedbug Treatment

Guía de preparativos para El tratamiento de chinches

Protocol For Canine Inspection

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