Bed Bug Dog Inspection & K9 Scent Detection in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

Standard also performs Bed Bug K-9 Inspections through a 3rd party NESDCA certified Bed Bug K9 and handler. These teams are not incentivized to find any bed bugs which mitigate any false positives.

The benefits are a high level scent accuracy of both live bed bugs and their eggs of up to 95\%. Bed bug dog detection services in NYC are available for both residential and commercial dwellings.

Our Preparation Steps For Bed Bug Dog Inspection in New York & New Jersey

We Will…

Remove as many obstructions as possible around the perimeter of rooms, around beds, and around furniture so the canine inspector has the opportunity to access these areas.

Try and remove all clutter (or as much as you can).

Remove all pets from apartment at least 1 hour prior to canine inspection. If this is not possible, enclose pets in a room that does not require inspection such as a bathroom at least 1 hour prior to canine inspection and detection services.

Remove all pet water, food, toys, bedding, scratching posts, etc. from inspection areas. Place these items on counter tops, with the animal in the bathroom or outside of site.

Do not cook or smoke for at least 1 hour prior to canine inspection and detection process.

For at least 1 hour prior to canine inspection have windows shut and fans, air conditioners, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and other such devices turned off.

Do not use any household cleaners or other chemicals for at least 12 hours prior to canine inspection.

Inform us of all pest control measures done in your apartment over the 30 days at the time of inspection.

For the dog’s safety, we will not inspect a site that has had a pest control application in the last 30 days.

Inform us of any other details that might interfere with scent detection or cause harm to the canine.

Watch a Bed Bug Inspection Performed By a Bed Bug Scent Detection K9 Dog

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