Bed Bug Information

The common Bedbug (Cimex lectularius) is species that most frequently feeds on the blood of humans. Bed bug’s interactions with man dates back to early civilization and were probably introduced to the US by very early immigration. Cimex lectularius was believed to have been eradicated from America in the 1950’s due to several factors including the use of insecticides such as DDT and malathion.

The Rise of Bed Bugs Within the NYC & NJ Metro Area

Since 1998 bed bug populations have been rapidly expanding. Within the last few years, bed bug infestations have increased significantly in all sectors and aspects of life so much so that New York City is currently experiencing a bed bug epidemic. New York’s densely populated buildings, recycling of infested items and constant people movement; make it a perfect habitat for bed bugs to thrive in. In response, The New York City Bed Bug Advisory Board was created to map out a comprehensive strategy and best practices to enable New Yorkers to take back the night.

Our In-House Entomologist

Gil Bloom, Standard’s Vice President and Certified Entomologist, is one of the five members on this advisory board. Gil’s years of experience and knowledge directs our teams of certified technicians in their modern approach to bed bug management which includes inspection, monitoring, chemical/dust application, exclusion, thermal treatment and steaming treatments. In addition Standard offers in-service presentations and educational programs to a variety of folks.

  • Cast skins: bed bugs shed their skins as they mature
  • Eggs: very small and they are not easily detected by an untrained eye

Bed Bug (Nymph Stage) Cimicidae (Family)

Initial extensive treatment and removal by trained Standard technicians includes:

  • Intensive treatment of sleeping areas
  • Intensive treatment of upholstered and non-upholstered furniture
  • Perimeter treatment of rooms and baseboards/molding
  • Placement of monitor traps

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