Bed Bug Visual Inspections in NYC, Westchester County & Long Island

Bed Bug Visual inspectionFeel like you’re being bitten by something or noticed spots but haven’t found any insects? Bed bugs are hard to find, as they are cryptic and nocturnal. That is why Standard Pest Management offers our NYC bed bug exterminator visual inspection services. Our bed bug trained and experienced exterminator will report to your home and professionally inspect the key bed bug hot zones. Our visual inspector look out for these signs:


  • Bed bugs or other insects that are commonly mistaken for bed bugs
  • Blood spots: located on sheets or upholstered furniture
  • Cast skins: bed bugs shed their skins as they mature
  • Eggs: very small and they are not easily detected by an untrained eye

Checking for Signs of Infestation

bed bug visual inspector techniciansWhen the exterminator checks for these signs, he should be able to determine whether or not you are experiencing a bedbug infestation or not. Areas inspected are beds, frames, box springs, and night tables in the immediate surrounding area. The bedbug visual inspection is geared towards zeroing in on common bedbug hotspots.