Ant Control and Extermination Services In NYC, Westchester County and Long Island

According to the National Pest Management Association, (NPMA) “Ants are the number 1 nuisance pest in the United States.” Although you wouldn’t think so due to their small size, they can really become unwanted once they find their way into someone’s home or property.

The good news is that Standard Pest Management specializes in complete ant control and removal services throughout Westchester County, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and Northern NJ.

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  • We Kill Carpenter Ants, House Ants & Fire Ants
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Small Things Can Cause Big Problems

Out of the 700 different types of ant species, there are really only about 25 that are common invaders among households and commercial properties. They are definitely a caused to be concerned with for a number of reasons.

  • Food contamination
  • They bite humans
  • Property damage

Ants easily find their way into homes or buildings by entering through cracks, window sills, frames, porches, garages, and foundations. It’s their size and breeding abilities which make them formidable bugs to control. Through the use of pheromone scent trails, ants are able to communicate bringing others to follow in mass. These trails will lead other packs of ants toward sources of food or water and likely into your property.

The Nesting of Ants In Your Property

It’s very typical for ant colonies to be either large or very large. They are social insects and live in colonies that contain three different types of groups: Workers, Queens and Males. The workers are the ants you are most likely to see. Just as the name suggests, they “work” to protect the nest and gather food. Outdoors, ants will usually nest within wood or soil. Typical places we have found ants to nest indoors include underneath floor boards, inside wall cavities, within insulation, behind kitchen cabinets, in foundation walls, under concrete slabs and behind rotting window frames.

DIY or Do It Yourself Might Not Be the Best Idea

Some people choose to visit the local store and try to eliminate an entire ant infestation themselves using over-the-counter products. When it comes to ants, this really is not a good idea. You can save time, money and your sanity by hiring a legitimate pest management company.

What happens is that a person will find the colony and spray believing all of the ants to be eliminated. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Ants will divide themselves into separate colonies and spread throughout other areas of your house or property in order to survive. So this just went from being a centralized issue that could have been managed or eliminated with professional grade methods or materials to a widespread issue.

How We Exterminate Ants for You

Standard Pest’s experienced ant control technicians will use a variety of methods depending on the situation to treat your ant problem effectively. We work from interior and exterior areas in order to assure that we are being as proactive as possible in keeping ants away.

Outdoor Ant Extermination

From outside your property, we apply a band of non-repellent insecticide as well as granular baits. Baits are extremely useful in finding out exactly where the ants are coming from since they follow each other in search of food.

Indoor Ant Elimination

Before we begin any kind of ant extermination procedure, our professional technicians will try to zone in one exactly what type of ant infestation has occurred. Believe it or not, they differ depending on the species. The three most common ant species we remove include argentine or house ants, carpenter ants and fire ants. While fire ants are more likely to visit your property looking for food from the outside, house and carpenter ants typically nest indoors.

  • Treating with gel baits (along established ant pathways)
  • Treating with Ant bait reservoirs
  • Applying monitor traps

Different scenarios call for different extermination procedures. Whenever possible, we do try to use low impact approaches to the environment by sealing up cracks and other possible entry points for ants to enter. We will also work with you on guidelines for future prevention of infestations.

If you have an ant problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have licensed, experienced and friendly experts available locally to service all of your needs.

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