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Balcony or Terrace Bird Control & Prevention in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

For any business or home that has an exterior gathering place in New York, they likely understand the constant pest that are birds. No matter what you do, the birds just don’t seem to ever leave. This is certainly true because most of the birds located in NYC do not migrate. So, they are left with this endless pest problem without seeing any type of hope.

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However, there is a bird service that Standard Pest Management specializes in offering to all residential or commercial properties. It’s readily available to remove all of your consistent bird problems and allow the use of the balcony or terrace without sharing it with a horde of birds.


Types of Nuisance Birds

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The Hazards of Nuisance Birds in the NYC Metro Area

It may, at first, seem like a beautiful scene to watch. Birds come to the balcony or terrace, eat or drink, and make pleasant sounds while doing so. However, as more birds arrive, the noise becomes endless. They can wake at any hour and call for each other at any hour. For those who have a busy life and need their minimal eight hours of sleep, this jarring experience can be enough to drive one crazy.

Let’s not forget the smell either. With so many birds piling up in one place or another, they’re releasing their waste all over that area. Not only does this leave a huge mess, but that mess smells, too.

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Bird Deterrent Installation & Treatment Options

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Balcony Bird Dropping Clean-Up Specialists

For homeowners, they may not be able to host that barbecue or social event either due to their external gathering places being filled with bird poop or because the smell is too atrocious. For hotel owners, potential customers may see the windows and balconies are littered with waste, or that the smell is just so off-putting that they leave the hotel early and bring their business elsewhere.

If the smell wasn’t enough, the fact that birds carry disease and parasites is enough to shivers down one’s spine. Especially among a large crowd of birds, that disease and those parasites can easily be passed between birds. Those are potential contaminants that can affect anyone in the house or hotel at a given time. No one wants to stay in a place that’s a breeding ground for disease and pestilence.

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Examples of Past Balcony & Terrace Bird Netting Projects We’ve Completed

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Our Installation Process to Keep Birds Away From Your Balcony or Terrace

Luckily, Standard Pest Management is ready to serve. After a call to schedule an appointment, we will come to your location and inspect the area to better analyze the situation. In NYC, the birds are a menace, and for those who require bird removal or bird control in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Westchester County, New Jersey or other close areas, preventative service starts with Standard Pest Management.

Step 1) Communication: Speaking with You to Gain Insight Into the Nuisance Bird Problem

Step 2) Inspection: Physical On-Site Inspection Led by an Experienced Bird Exclusion Team

Step 3) Analysis: Analysis of Your Balcony or Terrace Area to Determine the Level of Treatment Needed

Step 4) Installation: Fully Customized Distribution & Installation of Bird Deterrents

Step 5): There shouldn’t be a “Step 5” Your problem should be gone with Standard Pest Managements’ monthly dual deterrent service for nuisance birds!

Once they understand the problem areas, they can come up with a customized treatment plan to deter the birds from perching and nesting on the specific problem areas in question. We’ll describe our most effective deterrent options for you below. No matter what, rest assured that we’ll be able to fully rid your balcony or terrace of any future bird issues with the right monthly service.

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Monthly Service Bird Prevention Program with Dual Deterrents

For those professional institutions or homeowners who don’t want bird netting attached to the problem areas, then Standard Pest Management can offer a dual deterrent service to take care of the problem. These services are performed monthly or even bi-monthly for those buildings in which the cases of birds like pigeons, starlings, or even sparrows, nesting and perching are severe. The two deterrents are multi-sensory optical gel disks and Avian Fog Force TR. These two methods utilize bird repellents and exclusion methods to remove birds from problem areas.

Gel repellents, or in this case; disks, are put into place to scare birds off. Afterward, the Avian Fog Force TR misting technique is used to repel birds from returning. The mist is a non-lethal repellent, so those who use it don’t have to worry about potentially damaging any wildlife in its use. It also doesn’t harm humans or pets, so it is safe to use without cause for concern about those within the residence or nearby.

Time-Release Bird Misting Deterrents in New York City & NJ When it comes to the misting component of our monthly bird prevention service program, the mist a highly effective element. It’s humane, set to be dispersed in time release dosages (set by our experienced team) and is highly flexible in its usage cases.

For example, if you have a large balcony, terrace, or patio, we can strategically place time-release misting machines where you as well as our team have seen consistent evidence of bird intrusion or occupation. There’s nothing too large for our misting deterrents to handle throughout New York City, Westchester County & Long Island, NY.

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Multi-Sensory Optical Gel Disk Bird Deterrents in New York City & NJ

Our multi-sensory optical gel disks work incredibly well across a variety of unique surfaces, on different angles, are resistant to severe weather and will make your balcony, terrace or deck the most unattractive place to land on the planet for any type of bird. Upon seeing these disks, the birds become scared and fly elsewhere to roost.

In order for them to work properly and for you as our customer to get the maximum lifespan out of them, we’ll need to perform a complete cleaning of your balcony area if it’s been occupied by nuisance birds.

Although the gel has a solid consistency and will not run, we’ll need these bird repellent disks to be secured in place by a compound such as silicon. This is why clean-up, especially if you have bird droppings, feathers, and past build-ups of nests along the surface is such an important process.

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The Perfect Storm to Make Your Nuisance Birds Fly Elsewhere

These two deterrents are used together to ensure that birds remain off of the property. While one may work for a time, the two together ensure that the birds will look elsewhere to nest and perch for some time. However, as mentioned before, this is a monthly or bi-monthly service. Without the two deterrents constantly being put back into place, the birds will return, and the residence will be left in the same state as before.

As you’ve read, we have double-pronged approach here toward preventing and ridding your balcony or terrace of birds permanently or at the very least; controlling the population. Our dual deterrent method is highly effective and you’ll be happy to know that our team are specially trained just for this type of service. Birds are a large problem all over the New York Metro Area!

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Bird Netting or Hard Exclusion in New York City & NJ

While, not for everyone, ‘Hard Exclusion’ or ‘Bird Netting’ is a truly tactical method toward keeping birds from entering your balcony. It’s truly for those who aren’t afraid of the netting detracting from the appearance of their exterior gathering places. If you are not bothered in the slightest bit by industrial strength and thickened netting obscuring the view from your balcony or terrace then this solution is perfect.

It’s a time-tested, reliable method to keep birds away from specific enclosed areas. Our professional bird netting deterrent installation team at Standard Pest Management will utilize their experience and quality of materials to place a net over the area that’s consistently occupied by nuisance birds. This is a sure-fire way to keep birds from perching and nesting there. It’s a one-time installation and requires no monthly services.

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Downsides to Bird Netting do Exist but There Are Plenty of Alternatives

However, there are some obvious downsides that come with having bird netting installed. If you think about it objectively, the purpose of a balcony or terrace is to truly enjoy the outdoors and see/experience everything that New York has to offer. When we install the netting, depending on your perspective of importance for spending quality time on the balcony, it may significantly impair your overall experience.

We tend to use bird netting or hard exclusion methods for severely infested or large spaces that seem to keep having problems. The wonderful element to all of this is that if you are in-fact not happy with your view being obscured at the cost of nuisance birds, there are plenty of alternatives that are equally as effective, affordable and don’t involve large trade-offs.

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Bird Dropping Pressure Washing Services for Balconies & Terraces Within New York City & NJ

One final service that Standard Pest Management is prepared to offer is the clean-up from the mess these birds are notorious for leaving behind. We have state-of-the-art equipment to not just clean the mess, but to ensure that the odor the birds leave behind is purified as well. Because that odor can often times attract other species of birds, or just more birds, to the area, it is essential that businesses and homeowners bring on board a cleaning crew that is devoted to making sure every inch of the affected area is spotless.

We are that cleaning crew and possess industrial strength cleansing materials in addition to a skilled team that pay attention to every single detail. To receive the best service in bird removal, deterrent, and in clean-up from bird waste and occupation, then one should consider Standard Pest Management. Exterior gathering locations can be used as they were supposed to be–for the humans and not for the nuisance of certain birds. Call us today.

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