Bird Dropping Removal, Disinfecting and Sanitizing Service

Bird DroppingsBird Droppings carry many transmittable diseases. Humans are most at risk when attempting to clean these droppings up. Standard performs professional bird dropping disinfecting and cleanup. We will sanitize and disinfect areas. We also offer bird nest removal.

Bird Dropping Cleanup & Removal Power-Washing Video

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Bird Dropping CleanupsBird droppings can create big problems

  • Slip & fall hazard from droppings
  • Health and respiratory issues
  • Bird mites & other insects
  • Droppings create a sore sight

Pigeon Dropping Related Diseases

  1. Histoplasmosis: Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a fungus, which grows in pigeon droppings.
  2. Cryptococcosis: Cryptococcosis is another fungal disease associated with pigeon droppings.
  3. Psittacosis: Psittacosis is a rare infectious disease. When bird droppings dry and become, airborne people may inhale them and get sick.

bird droppings cleanup techniciansOur Bird Dropping Protocol

  • Disinfecting & sanitizing
  • Power washing
  • Scraping brushing
  • Vacuum removal of debris