Bird Netting Installations

Bird Netting InstallationBird Netting is used as a physical bird barrier to prevent birds from landing, roosting or nesting in unwanted areas. In many cases Bird Net is the most efficient and effective method for 100% bird exclusion and is the #1 bird net specified by architects and government agencies.

Bird Netting excludes pest birds from areas they are not wanted. When installed professionally Bird net is extremely taught and discreet. Contact us for a free estimate!

pigeon control netting

Bird net being installed

Here a bird net is being installed under an awning to completely eliminate birds from living underneath.

bird net

Net installed on brownstone cornice

Bird nets keep all birds off your cornice and the net is almost invisible form the street.

bird net installed under walkway

Bird netting installed under canopy

Once installed all birds are completely excluded from living in a structure.