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Comprehensive Bird Netting & Hard Exclusion Installations

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Bird Netting Deterrent Installation Services in the NYC Metro Area

Bird Netting is used as a physical bird barrier to prevent birds from landing, roosting or nesting in unwanted areas. In many cases Bird Net is the most efficient and effective method for 100% bird exclusion and is the #1 bird net specified by architects and government agencies.

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At Standard Pest Management, we know that birds of a feather like to flock together. It’s wonderful that birds have such a strong survival instinct that they like to build a nest in any place convenient for them. The problem? What’s convenient for the birds, like pigeons, sparrows and starlings — may not be convenient for us.

Throughout the New York City metropolitan area, many building owners and homeowners have to deal with the annual problem of controlling birds that like to roost on your building. If you have a bird problem that you want to control, then we have bird deterrent solutions for you.


Types of Nuisance Birds

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Experienced Hard Exclusion Installation in NYC

We have the experience and expertise to provide bird control solutions that are right for you. Whether you’re needing to clear away just one or two birds, or stop an entire flock from roosting, we can provide resolutions that are both cost-effective and humane.

Our professional installers can offer you netting and other deterrents to stop the birds from finding your roof too cozy. It’s easier to prevent birds from roosting by using safe and effective ways to deter birds’ instinctive behavior rather than having to deal with the huge clean-up problem later.

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Areas we Service

Best-In-Class Bird Netting Installations Throughout NYC

  • New York City
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • The Bronx
  • Westchester County
  • Nassau County
  • Northern, New Jersey
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Prevent Bird Control Problems

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Our team of bird net installation technicians can give you customized bird control solutions throughout the greater New York City metro area, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

We also offer our superior professional bird control and bird netting solutions in suburban NYC, including Westchester, Long Island and Northern New Jersey.

Bird Control

Bird Deterrent Installation & Treatment Options

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Bird Nets Offer Distinct Advantages

When you give us a call, we’ll discuss your current situation with you. Together, we’ll review your options and reach a resolution you’ll be happy with. Installing bird nets is often the first line of defense to try to resolve a bird control problem.

There are distinct advantages that bird netting can provide:

  • Bird Netting Is Inconspicuous
  • Humane And Cost-Effective
  • Helps Prevent A Problem Before It Starts
  • Netting Doesn’t Look Unsightly
  • Preserves The Health Of The Building Inhabitants
  • Prevents A Huge Mess Of Bird Droppings

You can rest assured that all our bird net installers have the proper background checks, and they’re licensed and bonded. We have the licensing, bonding and insurance to offer high-quality bird control services throughout New York City, including Westchester, Long Island and Northern NJ. We offer you peace of mind, knowing that you’re in good hands, working with an established company that has a longstanding reputation for excellence.

Check Out Past Bird Netting Installation Projects We’ve Performed

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Our Alternative Bird Control Solutions

Maybe you’ve realized that you already have a bird control problem. While it’s best practice to try to prevent bird roosting, we can also offer other solutions for you.

If it’s necessary for us to offer bird spikes or bird removal, we also offer these other effective and humane options. Our bird control professionals can provide you with bird shock tracks, bird spikes and bird wire installation services.

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The good news? Once you discuss your current situation with us, Standard Pest Management will provide you with a game plan that is quick and convenient. It may be possible to solve your problem by using other methods to deter birds like a combination of hard exclusion netting and spike installation.

Depending on your building’s architecture and current bird population, we will offer you a quote and plan of action that includes what service we will offer, the timeframe and costs. Let us handle the hassle for you. We’ll take care of you — and the birds — so everyone can live peacefully. Bird Netting excludes pest birds from areas they are not wanted. When installed professionally Bird net is extremely taught and discreet. Contact us for a free estimate!

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