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Electric Shock Track Deterrent Installations in the NYC Metro Area

Electric Shock Systems are low profile bird deterrents used to prevent birds from landing or nesting in unwanted areas. Shock systems lay flat on a buildings ledges and sills making it completely discreet. The system is composed of electrically charged tracks that give birds a mild electrical shock when they land on the tracks surface.

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The shock will not harm birds, but will condition them to stay away from the area. The systems are either solar powered or plugged in. Electrical shock track systems are preferred by NY & NJ landmarks. Contact us for a free estimate!


Types of Nuisance Birds

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Bird Electric Shock Track Deterrent Installation Services

We provide services for bird electric shock track installation for commercial and residential customers in Northern NJ and also in Westchester County, NYC and Long Island in New York.

An electric shock track is used to discourage birds from perching at a particular spot. The mild electric shock will not harm the birds but is unpleasant enough to cause the birds to fly away. We will assess your problems from birds and will discuss the problems with you.

Pest Control

Bird Deterrent Installation & Treatment Options

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Looking for an Inconspicuous Deterrent for Your Property or Facility?

There are several methods that can be used to control problems from birds. A shock track is a narrow device that can be conveniently installed in small places, such as under an eave that is above a porch roof.

The shock track is flexible and can be installed on curved surfaces. We will assess your problems and then recommend a method for controlling your problems from birds.

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Property Damage Caused by Bird Flocks

Birds can cause problems with nests and bird droppings on a roof, such as by causing damage to roof ventilators, exhaust fans and air conditioning units. The bird droppings would also be a mess that would block the sunlight for skylights and solar panels. Some of the problems could require maintenance services.

The birds can be discouraged from perching and roosting on a roof, which is not a safe place for birds. The environmental groups in an area could be encouraged to take action to ensure that there are enough trees for the local birds.

Our Customers

Industries we provide Bird Shock Track Deterrent Installations For

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Ledges for Birds

The ledge on the side of a building is usually very long and narrow. We can install a shock track to cover the full length of a ledge, which would prevent problems from birds that can affect the balconies and awnings that are below the ledge. The shock tracks are practical devices for long and narrow spaces, such as also for rooflines, which are common places for pigeons, starlings and sparrows to perch.

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A sign can be used for displaying the name of a building or a business. The professional appearance of a sign is used to reflect the professional reputation of that building owner or business owner. A shock track is a small device that will not impair the appearance of a sign, which is an important feature for our customers. We can easily install a shock track on the curves on a sign.

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Environmental Factors

If you have severe problems from birds, you could investigate the local environmental factors. We can evaluate the severity of your problems and can give you some information about different methods for controlling the problems from birds. A shock track can be used for controlling the problems at a specific spot, but then the birds could simply perch and roost at a different spot on your building.

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Health Problems Associated With Bird Roosting

Birds can cause health problems for human beings. If several birds perch on the ledge above the balcony tables for your restaurant, there can be health problems from bird droppings on the tables.

The restaurant customers could report the health problems and could also decide to avoid your restaurant, which would affect your business operations. We offer services to help you to control those problems. A shock track system is an excellent option for your restaurant due to its discreet nature and overall effectiveness.

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Electric Shock Track Installation Solutions

You can rely on the high quality of our services for helping you to control a problem from birds, such as from pigeons, starlings and sparrows. Hiring Standard Pest Management to install an electric shock track deterrent system for your facility is an excellent option for those concerned with aesthetics and performance.

We understand that our customers could have serious problems from birds in densely populated areas, such as in NYC and especially in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Please contact our professional installers for more information about our services for bird electric shock track installation.

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