OvoControl Bird Re-Location & Removal in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

Do you have a lot of pigeons on your property? Tried everything? Looking for a long term Solution? OvoControl is ideal for larger areas where some pigeons can be tolerated but a reduction in population is needed.

Manufacturing facilities, transportation hubs, dense urban areas, hotels, schools and airports are typical application sites for OvoControl is registered for use in New York by licensed pest control professional only. Standard Pest will set up an OvoControl program at your property/facility.

Why Our OvoControl Bird Deterrent System is So Effective for You

OvoControl P is a specially formulated bait that interferes with the hatchability of eggs from pigeons. OvoControl contains nicarbazin, an active ingredient originally developed to prevent an enteric disease in chickens. Registered by EPA, OvoControl is approved for use in pigeons, geese and ducks.

Nuisance Bird Statistics

The average lifespan of a pigeon is 2 to 4 years, although the population turnover through predation and disease is very high. The objective for OvoControl is to minimize the hatch-ability of pigeon eggs. Studies conducted in the United States and Italy show the population of pigeons declining by 50% within the first year and the lower population density dominated by adult birds. The rate of decline is estimated at 6% per month.

Our OvoControl Bird Deterrent Services Include:

  • We will make routine visits to ensure the program is operating successfully.
  • We will install a feeder on site to feed birds daily.
  • Condition birds to the daily baiting routine.
  • We will work to get bait acceptance by the birds.

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