Seagull & Seabird Control in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

Looking for service or advice on how to rid your property of Seagulls and other seabirds? Well, we can assure you that you’ve come to the right place. Besides the obvious in annoyance and unsightliness, Seagulls pose a threat to your environment. Seabirds are a constant nuisance; whether you’ve got a residential property, work for the town (public beaches) or own/operate commercial property.

One recurring theme that you always happen to see with Seagulls is that they’re always waiting around for food. They’re sole purpose in life is to hunt for prey and eat remnants of food left behind by people. This happens at beaches and lakes where families may not be so friendly to the environment and leave behind food or commonly around garbage disposal areas. In any case, if you have Seagulls in every direction, you have a problem and Standard Pest Management is here to solve it!

Commercial Seagull & Seabird Control or Removal Throughout NYC, Long Island, Westchester County or New Jersey

If you operate a business in which there’s a constant influx of customer foot traffic or employees, Seagulls will cause big problems for you. They will nest within the flat or sloped surface of your rooftop, on top of solar panel arrays, and within your signage. Besides all the noise, droppings, and feathers, you’ll also have to ask yourself, “will my customers deal with the odor left behind?” We’re just now getting up to the vilest part. Seagulls help to comfort their young by vomiting and defecating on them. If you were a customer walking into a restaurant and there were dozens of Seagulls flying around the building with visual droppings everywhere, would you go in? Seagulls and other seabird populations can be controlled or removed in a humane manner. Standard Pest Management specializes in devising sophisticated yet precise bird deterrent systems that will keep them flying elsewhere.

The Hazards of Seagulls or Seabirds

Aside from the constant noises and nuisance of just standing around waiting for food, these birds carry with them a slew of other problems, which could be far worse for you. Whether you’re a residential customer or own/operate commercial property, it’s in your best interest to keep away. Seagulls carry disease such as Salmonella. You have to understand that many of them will flock to garbage disposal areas, solid waste treatment centers and eat from garbage cans. What they eat will always end up being brought back to your home or business. If a person comes into contact with this food, him or her can become extremely sick. Seabirds assist in destroying agriculture. If you happen to reside in an area where you may be dependent on growing crops, Seagulls will eat their way through them.

They work to destroy vegetation and will contaminate foods in the process. This is given even more importance since they are disease carriers. They tend to also be aggressive birds. Constantly in search of their next meal and prey, they will stop at nothing to find and eat it. If you have children running around, this is not a similar picture to your child feeding a duck. Seagulls and many other seabirds are aggressive by nature and not tempered with calmness.

Residential Seagull & Seabird Control or Removal Throughout NYC, Long Island, Westchester & NJ

If you tend to live near waterways, ponds, lakes, rivers or the ocean, you’ve probably seen your share of Seagulls or other seabirds before. They will flock to sloped and flat surfaces as well as boats, streets, docks, piers, and solar panel arrays. Maybe you currently have a problem that you feel you can’t control. In urban or even rural areas, Seagulls and other seabirds will be attracted to food left outdoors. It seems as if they can or will eat anything.

We provide an entire host of Seagull deterrent devices to keep them away from your home. Our Seabird humane control technicians will inspect your property and devise a wholly custom based solution fit to your premise.

The Importance of Seabird & Seagull Deterrents

An unprotected property that has been invaded by seabirds is truly a sight to behold. You will see dozens, if not hundreds of squawking birds surrounded by their own vomit, droppings, rotten food, and pollution such as aluminum cans which they could not digest. It will look like a war zone. We can make all of that go away. We have deterrents for:

  • Homes
  • Storefronts
  • Strip Malls
  • Commercial Properties & Buildings
  • Sloped Roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • Solar Panels
  • Boats
  • Docks
  • Piers

Our deterrents to humanely control the population of Seagulls or outright prevent invasion include spikesshock tracksnetting and much more. All of which are used to bird-proof your residential or commercial property.

Check Out Our Seagull & Seabird Wire Grid System Deterrent Installation Gallery

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