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Sparrow Control & Deterrent Solutions in the NYC Metro Area​

Thanks for visiting our page discussing the humane management, control or removal of Sparrows. We are have a fully experienced staff of technicians that will provide you with ample solutions toward getting rid of any Sparrow problem your residential or commercial property may be experiencing. Usually, you’ll hear about Pigeons being one of the biggest nuisance birds in existence, but this is all talk. Sparrows can be just as big of an issue to you as other species of Birds.

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Behavior of the Sparrow differs slightly from other species. Instead of constantly taking off to fly somewhere, you’ll notice a few peculiar things. Sparrows tend to hop around instead of just walking. This is also common behavior over flying from perch to perch. They also love to take baths in dust. Yes, you heard that right! Sparrows will roll around in whatever dust they can find on your property as if they were taking a water bath. It’s one of their favorite activities besides annoying people on your premises.


Types of Nuisance Birds

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The types of Sparrow Deterrents We Use On Your Commercial & Residential Properties​

Deterrents are special devices built to keep birds out of a particular area. Fortunately, at this point in time, there are a wide variety of deterrent built specifically for Sparrows to fit nearly any type of space or situation specific to you.

In the descriptions below, you’ll see why there are different types and you may be able to decide for yourself what might suit your property. Each carries advantages or disadvantages based on your locale.

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Bird Netting for Sparrows​

For larger, more complex projects, we like to recommend Bird netting to our customers. For example, establishments like arenas or parking garages are prone to constant nuisance by all manner of birds. Nets can be fabricated and custom measured to the exact measurements we need.

The nets are strong and populations of Sparrows simply won’t be able to penetrate them. Once we put the nets up, you don’t have to worry about an entire flock of Sparrows cooing, dropping feathers, fecal matter and more all over your establishment. Bird netting goes a long way toward erasing the problem.

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Bird Spikes for Sparrows​

Our Bird spike systems aren’t lethal by any means. However, they’re just sharp enough to keep Sparrows from landing on them. You can look at this deterrent in the same way you would, our Shock Track system.

The only disadvantage in certain establishments would be the appearance.Spikes maintain a somewhat low profile but can be viewed easily with the naked eye. Therefore if you’re running a high-end department store or retail shop and would like to keep up appearances, our technicians would most likely recommend a shock track system for your Sparrow problem.

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Pest Control

Bird Deterrent Installation & Treatment Options

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Shock Tracks for Sparrows​

Please don’t let the name scare you. Standard only partakes in humane Sparrow control practices. We don’t enjoy harming any animals. A shock track is excellent for two reasons: Appearance and function. For customers looking to keep a low profile, a shock track is the way to go. Whether you live in a house or operate a storefront building, it will be hidden out of plain sight.

On the function side of things, the shock track works by sending a powerful but harmless jolt to any Sparrow that happens to land on it. They won’t be able to land and in enough time, the entire flock will realize your property is not a great place to nest.

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Bird Wire for Sparrows​

Just as the name says, Standard Pest Managements’ team of technicians will take measurements, study common areas of inhabitants by the Sparrows that won’t leave and set up a Bird wire deterrent system. It’s two pike’s held together by a nylon coated steel string. The beauty of this is that it works almost perfectly for areas like rooftop ledges or window sills.

The sparrows that currently inhabit those areas on your property are there because they love a nice, flat surface to land on. Our bird wire includes springs built in, so that when and if they land on it, it will be completely unstable for them. They won’t be perching around much longer.

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OvoControl Flock Management​

Standard Pest Management happens to be a very proactive company. We try to avoid future problems or liabilities within projects as much as we can. At the end of the day, this will help us save you precious money and time that would have been wasted otherwise. Our OvoControl Flock Management system is the very definition of being “proactive.”

Let’s assume you already have plenty of bird deterrent systems setup and their functioning normally. This means we’re working to manage or control the population to a great degree but the Sparrows are in such great abundance, you need even more help. This particular deterrent dispenses bait which Sparrows will eat, bring back to their nest so others can consume and voila. You can think of this as “Birth Control” for Sparrows. Once digested by other Sparrows in the nest, the bait works to prevent them from being able to produce further offspring.

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Commercial Sparrow Control & Deterrent Services in the NYC Metro Area

Having a Sparrow problem as either a commercial property owner or business owner can be an outright nightmare. This is the truth. The primary reasons for this has to do with their behavior as well as what they leave behind for your customers or employees. Since their objective is to eat or find food for the nest, Sparrows will spend all day eyeing you down perched away. They will sit or jump around at all hours waiting for the right opportunity to strike for food. You should be concerned if you have flat roofing, parapet walls, windowsills, HVAC equipment on the rooftop and a constant stream of traffic entering/exiting the business.

Sparrows don’t care what you or other people think of them. However, your customers in addition to your employees will absolutely notice their presence especially if the problem is left untreated. You’ll have to deal with strong odors, feathers, plenty of toxic droppings and noise every single day. If you suspect you may be in need of Sparrow removal, don’t hesitate to give Standard Pest Management a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Residential Sparrow Control & Deterrent Services in the NYC Metro Area

If you have a Sparrow problem at home, don’t worry we can help! Our highly experienced team of Sparrow removal specialists can help devise a customized, affordable deterrent fit to your budget and type of housing which will remove, if not manage the bird population. Whether you live in a house, condominium, brownstone or apartment complex, we’ve got you completely covered. Sparrows can be a real annoyance to homeowners.

They will flock to your home, jump around, sit perched along your rooftop and congregate around any food source they may find. This includes digging through your garbage and feeding on other vegetation or crops. If gardening happens to be a love in your life, Sparrows are a true threat. They will eat their way through much of what you’ve put your heart and soul into growing.

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Why Commercial & Residential Sparrow Nesting Is Such a Hazard

Sparrows are a nuisance throughout the New York & New Jersey Metropolitan area. This factors in even more so because of their behavior. Whether you have a home or business, Sparrows will build nests within walls, on rooftops, or inside the holes of trees.

Since they’re constantly in search of new food to eat, you’ll notice them pecking away at any vegetation in the area. This may include buds, blowers, and other plants. They will also pursue any vegetables or fruits you may be growing outdoors.

Since their droppings are toxic, they can contaminate vegetation with gastroenteritis, salmonella, and many other types of viruses that affect humans. You’ll also have to deal with an overabundance of droppings all over your property, loose feathers, and additional pests. Sparrows are a very aggressive avian species, so they will inadvertently bring Ticks, Mites, Beetles and other pests that wouldn’t have had a presence at your home or business otherwise. This is what happens when the environment surrounding your property becomes unbalanced.

We Can Clean Any Sparrow Dropping Mess!

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