Commercial Dry Ice Rodent Extermination Solutions in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, NY, & NJ

When it comes to rat control and removal services, Standard Pest Management has always maintained a proactive stance toward new extermination techniques. What most people living in New York City do know is that Rats are abundant, impossible to neutralize permanently and the best line of defense we have are methods of control or containment. This is what leads us to our next problem which are a rat’s habits and biology. Pest professionals and New Yorkers alike both know that Rats will snack on pretty much anything to stay alive. They will also find crevices, holes, or burrow their way into new places to live at an alarming rate.

As a fully licensed and experienced rat extermination company servicing all of New York City since 1929, you can rest assured that we’ve got all the knowledge necessary to keep rats out of your establishment. Since we keep up and largely try to stay ahead of the rest of the pest control industry, we have begun to start using a new weapon in our arsenal to combat the rodent problem plaguing the streets and subways.

New Methods Yield Better Results

Our new Rat extermination method involves dry ice. Our technicians have will typically do a thorough inspection of an infested property or area where common sightings have occurred. We’ll carefully pinpoint all of the rat holes and hideaways we find where they seek shelter or eat and immediately get to work.

This involves a series of repeated applications of dry ice insertions. The first try might not be a silver bullet but that’s why our service is designed for repeat applications. Once the dry ice is inserted, it will begin to melt. After the melting occurs, the dry ice inevitably turns into gaseous carbon dioxide which suffocates all of the rats within their burrow.

Advanced, Effective & Intelligent Rodent Control

Outside of dry ice being a highly effective extermination solution for Rats, the idea of burying the dry ice into the ground allows for a much more sanitary end result. You won’t be seeing rats all over your property or the street because they’ll suffocate beneath the soil and eventually decompose.

The solution is highly effective when performed properly by an experienced rodent control and removal company. Standard Pest Management specializes in dry ice rodent extermination methods throughout NYC, Long Island or Westchester County. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or get a free quote.

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