drain illustrationDrain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning is one of the most important aspects of filth fly control, specifically fruit and drain flies. Most often when small fly infestations are present in a facility the breeding site is the drain. Our service is designed to physically remove the gelatinous fruit flies & drain flies. The big issues with the drains is as long as there is food debris & buildup flies will continue to breed and than lay eggs in these areas continuing the breeding cycle. Cleaning these drains will help break the breeding cycle.

drain cleaning for fliesDrains with food debris buildup will cause:

  • Flies to breed
  • Foul odors
  • Backed up drains & more

Standards drain cleaning protocol involves:

  1. Removing the grill/cover
  2. Cleaning of debris with specialized drain brush
  3. floor drainsSanitizing with a cleaner
  4. Flushing drain
  5. Enzyme/foaming of drain

Pouring hot water & bleach down a drain will not prevent flies, further bleach can even damage your pipes.

Here is a drain cleaning in action with a before and after image

Check Out Our Drain Cleaning Before & After Comparison Photos