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Our Signature Green Pest Management Services in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, or Northern, NJ

Standard’s innovative Green Pest Management “GPM” program has been carefully designed for Green, LEED buildings, sensitive accounts and for those who may prefer a reduced risk approach to pest management. This service utilizes pest inspection surveys, pest identification by our staff entomologist, monitoring and habitat modification practices and recommendations to reduce pest potential and to provide treatment if needed based on established thresholds with reduces risk pesticides and other approved materials, keeping records of all applications and recommendations.

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Pests of any kind are an upsetting interruption to our homes. They are messy, scary, and even unhealthy. Even so, more and more people every year don’t want to trade a pest problem for a chemical problem. They understand that the indiscriminate use of chemicals is not really a solution but just a different problem. They’re not interested in spraying for every little pest. Instead, they want to see green solutions to their pest problems.

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At Standard Pest Management, we offer environmentally friendly solutions to all your pest problems, as well as proven techniques for preventing future infestations of many different problem animals and insects. We’re a proven partner for owners and operators in all kinds of locations throughout the NYC & NJ Metro area, bringing a satisfactory end to their pest problems.

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Nuisance Pests & Solutions

Common Pests & Additional Treatment Options for You

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Environmentally Sensitive Pest Management for Your Facility

We’ve been serving the NYC-NJ Metro area as a family owned business since 1929, solving pest problems in homes, businesses, schools, churches, and much more. We’ve built our business on providing effective service for our customers and helping them regain their peace of mind, while saving them money on everything from wasted food, structural damage, cleanup costs, and lost business.

Whether it’s a survey of a site to identify pest problems or direct action to eliminate a problem, we’ve been the ‘go to’ resource for property owners throughout New York City, Westchester or Long Island as well as in New Jersey. We have a national reputation built on high professional standards, and we’re part of many different organizations that recognize excellence in our industry.

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Areas we Service

All Phases of Green Pest Management Since 1929 Within NYC

  • New York City
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • The Bronx
  • Westchester County
  • Nassau County
  • Northern, New Jersey
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Standard’s Green Pest Management Protocols

  • Is based on sound IPM principles and the importance of communication
  • Provides a systematic program of long-term pest management
  • Stresses importance of proactive IPM pest prevention protocols
  • Provides a systematic program of long-term pest management

The Measures We Take Providing Green Pest Management

When required pesticide use is limited in terms of type and amount, we place a high reliance on building cooperation in the program. This also Provides for education of building staff in regard to our Integrated Pest Management strategies.

  • Initial inspection and assessment of interior and exterior pest threat potential and or presence.
  • A written report will be provided for each service which will include pest information, actions taken and any follow-up recommendations.
  • Inspection and recommendations in regard to pest access, food, harborage and water.
  • Insect monitor traps with and without pheromone depending on target to quickly identify pest species and provide for appropriate action.
  • Fly units installed in potential breeding sites like compactor and recycle/refuse areas.
  • The utilization of quarterly insect growth regulators (IGR) in pest hot zones to reduce potential populations if indicated by monitoring.
  • Limited access points (up to two inches) to be sealed with professional exclusion materials, sealants and door sweeps with recommendations for more extensive work referred to management if required.
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Perfectly Suited & Certified to Handle Any or All of Your Green Pest Management Needs

Standard Pest Management has also achieved GreenPro certification. This means that your Standard must comply with a comprehensive set of qualifications to ensure that you receive a smart, effective and responsible service each time we arrive at your door. If you are looking for the most environmentally friendly service, we recommend a GreenPro certified service.

The program standards are developed, reviewed and governed by an independent advisory committee composed of environmental advocacy groups, state and federal government representatives, education experts and pest professionals. Standard Pest Management is also a proud member of the USGBC. We support their mission of a prosperous and sustainable future. Our Green Pro program will score points for your LEED property.

Rodent Control

Types of Rodents & Treatment Options

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Common Types of Pests We Encounter

There are many different pests found in buildings today. The usual ants and cockroaches are always an issue, but we have experience dealing with many other unwanted visitors, such as mice, birds, spiders, bedbugs, and much more. The diverse base of insects and animals that we deal with has given us a lot of experience in dealing with pests.

The problem can be both inside the building and outside it, with the potential for damage, mess, and even health issues present with many pests. Many people are scared of spiders, even though most species pose little risk. On the other hand, serious infestations like Bed Bugs must be totally eliminated. Still other pests are simply noisy or messy, like Canada geese. Others create an unpleasant image for a business, such as when opossums are making midnight raids in a restaurant’s garbage cans.

Bird Control

Bird Deterrent Installation & Treatment Options

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For most people, just identifying the pest can be a real problem. If it’s mammals, birds, or other wildlife, we can examine the damage and tracks to figure out what the issue is. If you’ve killed an insect, we have an entomologist on staff who can identify what the pest is and work with our technicians to develop a course of action for eliminating it safely.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Species & Treatment Options

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How We Keep Things Environmentally Friendly

We have the experience to know what conditions are favoring the pest population, and we know what to do to change those conditions and eliminate the problem. That knowledge is our most powerful tool, and we’ve built it through decades of experience. Changes to the local environment can sometimes be all it takes to get a pest to move out of the area. Because we understand how effective those changes can be, we are able to take a more Eco-friendly approach to dealing with pests in residential, commercial, or institutional settings throughout NYC and NJ.

It’s all about the mindset. Our company has always prided itself on providing excellent customer service, so when more and more of our clients began requesting pest control methods that were environmentally safe, we listened.

Wildlife Nest Cleanup & Disinfectant

Power Washing & Cleaning Services

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Tools, Technology & Technicians You Can Count On for Eco-Sensitive Pest Management

What sets us apart from so many pest treatment firms is our focus on prevention and exclusion. Wildlife like opossums and raccoons are present in our environment, and we cannot eliminate them. The task for us is to provide exclusion services for our clients to keep the nuisance animals in the appropriate locations.

Sometimes exclusion isn’t the best option, however. Nuisance pests such as birds can be excluded from buildings, but their presence on the grounds of churches, schools, businesses, and homes results in a messy and often frustrating experience for everyone. This is where we utilize our skills in habitat modification to encourage the pest to find a location that is more compatible with them. That’s where our unique tools, technology, and technicians come in. We’ll be able to identify the best and most environmentally safe strategy for dealing with your pest problem so that we won’t hurt wildlife or humans.

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Most consumers today have abandoned the idea of doing whatever it takes to eliminate a pest. They realize that simply spraying chemicals to eliminate unwanted bugs is not ideal for the safety of humans, pets, wildlife, and the environment in general. They want an approach to pest problems that eliminates the issue they’re experiencing without creating a threat to their health.

Just as we have been doing for 90 years, we have listened to our customers. We’re ready to address your pest issues in whatever way you need us to–with prevention and exclusion, habitat modification, or something in between. You’ll see your pest problem taken care of without the excessive use of chemicals. Contact Standard Pest Management today for all your Eco-Friendly pest solutions.

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