Green Pest Management

Our Signature Green Pest Control Service

green pest managementStandard’s innovative Green Pest ManagementGPM” program has been carefully designed for Green, LEED buildings, sensitive accounts and for those who may prefer a reduced risk approach to pest management. This service utilizes pest inspection surveys, pest identification by our staff entomologist, monitoring and habitat modification practices and recommendations to reduce pest potential and to provide treatment if needed based on established thresholds with reduces risk pesticides and other approved materials, keeping records of all applications and recommendations.

Standard GPM

Is based on sound IPM principles and the importance of communication
Provides a systematic program of long-term pest management
Stresses importance of proactive IPM pest prevention protocols
Emphasizes habitat modification in regard to conditions that attract and support pests The major purpose of most site visits is to inspect, monitor and report

Green Pest Management Action Measures Include

When required pesticide use is limited in terms of type and amount Places a high reliance on building cooperation in the program Provides for education of building staff in regard to IPM strategies

  1. eco bugInitial inspection and assessment of interior and exterior pest threat potential and or presence.
  2. A written report will be provided for each service which will include pest information, actionstaken and any follow-up recommendations.
  3. Inspection and recommendations in regard to pest access, food, harborage and water.
  4. Insect monitor traps with and without pheromone depending on target to quickly identify pestspecies and provide for appropriate action.
  5. Fly units installed in potential breeding sites like compactor and recycle/refuse areas.
  6. The utilization of quarterly insect growth regulators (IGR) in pest hot zones to reduce potentialpopulations if indicated by monitoring.
  7. Limited access points (up to two inches) to be sealed with professional exclusion materials,sealants and door sweeps with recommendations for more extensive work referred tomanagement if required.

If rodenticides are required they will be exclusively of an anti-coagulant nature and application will be restricted to tamper resistant stations. Stations will be numbered and location noted on a facility log. Mechanical rodent traps and apprehension devices will be placed in strategic areas.
Insecticide applications if required will be of a reduced risk or organic nature and will be applied according to label specification. Records will be kept of all applications.

qprogreenStandard Pest Management has also achieved GreenPro certification. This means that your Standard must comply with a comprehensive set of qualifications to ensure that you receive a smart, effective and responsible service each time we arrive at your door. If you are looking for the most environmentally-friendly service, we recommend a GreenPro certified service.
The program standards are developed, reviewed and governed by an independent advisory committee composed of environmental advocacy groups, state and federal government representatives, education experts and pest professionals.

imgresStandard Pest Management is also a proud member of the USGBC. We support their mission of a prosperous and sustainable future. Our Green Pro program will score points for your LEED property.