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Having a pest problem in your building can wreak devastation on the facility. Not only do you have to worry about seeing these little critters, but you also have the issue with them leaving excrement throughout the building. The problem compounds itself if you own a restaurant. Think about it: would you want to eat at a restaurant that had mouse droppings? This can get on everything. In addition, the droppings can give diseases. For example, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. This respiratory disease gets transmitted through the droppings, saliva and urine of infected animals.

If you have a need to get rid of rodents, you should call our company as soon as possible. We will send out a team of experienced professionals who understand what it takes to eliminate the problems with these critters.

Mice Exclusion Solutions

The first step to getting rid of pests comes down to a thorough inspection of the premises. We will look at what the source of the infestation could be coming from. Our experienced technicians will try to identify the food sources and the routes they use so that we can set traps for them. We will also seek the openings that these critters could use to enter your home. For example, we will search for cracks in the walls, the floors and the foundation of the home. Because these animals have soft cartilage, they can fit through tiny openings. Any opening larger than 1/4″ should get sealed. This helps you to exclude others that could add to the problem.

Exclusion techniques work because you normally won’t have an overabundance of rodents if you control the foods and keep new ones from entering into the home. This principle works on the belief that where you have an overabundance of pests, you will also have plenty of food sources and shelters for them. Through this technique, you can help you to lower the number of pests. We will send out a professional who understands these principles, and they will bring the materials to help you get rid of them. In addition, identifying the food sources becomes essential because if you make it too easy for them to get access to the food, they will continue to bother you.

Along with getting rid of the obvious foods, you should also check to get rid of rubbish piles that can be accessed easily because little critters could also use this as a food source. For dumpsters and containers, you will want to add a tight-fitting lid to ensure that nothing can get inside of the container. This controls the food sources and makes it less attractive for these creatures.

Having An Issue With Rodents Burrowing Into Your Property’s Tree Pits Along the Sidewalk? 

We Can Help. Check Out Our Expert Rodent Proofing & Exclusion Services

Mice Control and Removal

After the food sources and points of entry were identified and cut off, you can start to control and remove the problem. You do this through setting pest management & control traps. The goal throughout this process will be to slowly but surely thin their numbers. Your technician will place bait and traps in the selected areas for helping to get rid of the problem. This becomes one of the most trustworthy ways that you can cull the herd and keep the mouse populations at bay. Trapping has a few distinguished advantages over rodenticides. For example, you can catch the dead rodent in the trap, rather than having to identify a rodent corpse that is slowly decomposing. This can especially be a problem as a business because you don’t want anyone to find a dead rodent at your New Jersey business.

Rodenticides are a poisoned bait, and you have to be careful about where you place them. For example, you don’t want to set this in an area where a pet or a child could reach it because the consequences can be equally deadly. In general, we prefer the traps because the effects can be equally as good, but you don’t have to worry as much about collateral damage. What’s the difference between mice and rats? The big difference between the two is that the young rat will have a head that is much large proportionally to its body than the other.

Tools, Technology & Technicians You Can Count On for Mice or Rodent Removal

When you go through us, you have agreed to use some of the best in the business. We have the latest tools and technology to get the job done right. Our company understands how to keep track of these pests and get them under control. We use plenty of great controls that bring them under our control. When you have creatures at your commercial facility, you want to take measures that allow you to get rid of them as much as possible.

We’re a company that are based out of New York City, and we’d love to help you get rid anything that may be causing you problems. We have a team of experienced professionals who show up with a smile, and we understand what it takes to get the job done right. When we help our customers, people can trust that we will eliminate their pest problem. However, we must also emphasize that you have to take active measures as well to keep your facility from becoming a feeding ground for them because this can add to the problem and make it harder to get rid of them permanently.

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