Commercial Rat Control & Removal in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County or Northern, NJ

Rats, mice, and other rodents are dangerous vermin that you shouldn’t tolerate for a single moment in your home or business. Thankfully, there are many pest management and control techniques available on the market today. The following treatment methods eliminate vermin from an NYC or NJ apartment or office quickly and efficiently.

That’s why we provide these commercial pest treatment options across multiple states. Our experts know how to spot potential rodent invasions and work hard to keep them out of your building for good. Just as importantly, we can also kill any invading pests that are already in a home using a multitude of high-quality tools, techniques, and treatments. We’ve got your back when it comes to pest management & control.

Rat Exclusion Solutions in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County or Northern, NJ

Exclusion focuses on eliminating the entry areas where mice and other vermin enter a building. These techniques utilize multiple sealing tools, such as screens and more, to cover holes, cracks, and even pipes on the exterior of a home or business. And you’d be surprised at the small areas which mice can use to squeeze into a building. For example, even a hole no bigger than a quarter-inch can be an entryway for vermin into a home.

Therefore, using this pest-control method is necessary for keeping these creatures out of a building. Professional treatment includes treatment experts walking around the exterior of a building, inspecting possible breaks in its surface, tracking where these cracks in the surface may lead, and sealing off the entrance using a multitude of tools and sealing options. However, these techniques also focus on sealing entrances off in a way that keeps pests from ever getting in a home again.

So professional pest control experts use steel, hard plastic, and other sturdy materials to make entry into a home impossible. These materials can then be maintained by pest-control experts once or twice a year to ensure that they aren’t failing. Though most should last for years without a problem, weather issues or persistent chewing from an angry pest could cause some damage. Keeping mice out of a building requires persistence and the willingness to maintain your treatment techniques regularly.

Rat Control & Removal in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County or Northern, NJ

Keeping rodents out of an NJ building requires various methods of pest management & control. For example, traps help catch rats and kill them for good. However, live traps can also remove these pests from a home or office without killing them. This approach is smart for a major pest invasion because the smell of dead mice will keep living ones from coming near traps placed around a home or office building.

Removal methods also include tracking the pest to their nest and making the area a very uncomfortable place to live. For example, baiting poisons typically act slowly enough to follow the pest back to their nest. Once here, the mouse may share the bait with their nest mates and kill most of them.

Though this approach may seem cruel, there’s no faster way to eliminate a large number of New Jersey pests. And quick extermination is smart because these pests often carry dangerous diseases that threaten the health of anyone in the affected building.

Tools, Technology & Technicians You Can Count On for Commercial Rat Exclusion

These days, pest control has become a high-tech world that utilizes a vast array of different tools and treatment techniques. And our technicians go through rigorous training periods to ensure that they fully understand how to implement these concepts on your home or office building. In this way, you receive a comprehensive and high-quality care method that drives vermin away for good.

For example, professionals utilize multiple types of baiting stations to attract these pests. These stations are crucial because they not only attract mice but contain tracking powders that will follow them back to their nest. In this way, homeowners can understand where their pest invasion began and take steps to ensure that it doesn’t get worse. Multiple types of bait stations are available on the market, each with different approaches, baiting techniques, and more.

However, professionals like us also use tools such as treatment tents to create a comprehensive extermination method. Treatment tents go over the exterior of a home and keep mice and other pests from escaping. These tents also trap any pesticide or treatment solution and focus it solely on the house. In this way, the treatment methods are more successful, and pests can be killed in your home without any difficulty or struggle.

Rat Control & Exclusion Treatment Techniques

Other treatment techniques available include a variety of products such as bait stations as well as time-tested techniques designed to completely limit access.  These applications place a compound near a building that is abhorrent to mice and which repels them from trying to enter. Persistent use of this compound will let pests in the area know that your home or office is off limit and will either keep them outside or drive them to other nearby buildings.

However, these care methods require high-quality integrated pest management professionals who know their business. Our specialists and technicians have years – and sometimes decades – of experience in their field. They have been treating New York City and New Jersey commercial facilities or residential properties for most of their lives and fully understand the unique demands of the area’s pests. Their specialized training prepares them to utilize all of the control methods mentioned here, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment. You’ll be glad that you did.

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