Rodent Fertility Control & Management in New York City, Long Island & New Jersey

ContrapestDoes your commercial facility, building, construction site or residential property have a non-stop rodent problem? Trust us when we remark that we completely understand your frustration. There’s no more reason to worry anymore though because Standard Pest Management’s rodent exterminators have got a solution for you.

In addition to utilizing the best methods of ridding facilities of rat or mice problems through traditional, time-tested methods, our team have recently become equipped with something highly effective in preventing rodents from being a recurring problem.

Our traditional rat removal services have always included a mix of integrated pest management solutions such as ‘rodent-proofing’ and exclusion methods. When our exterminators are able to properly seal up areas which rodents target for easy access into your facility, we spread bait stations. These are highly effective and are excellent at keeping rodent populations at bay.

However, with consistent research and studies coupled with true-to-life analytics from our own customers, we have decided to take a further step toward helping to truly keep rodents far and away. Standard Pest Management are now specialized in treating all types of facilities, building or properties throughout New York City with ContraPest®.

Why Rodent Fertility Control Pays Off for You

With a renowned entomologist on staff and over 9 decades providing rodent exclusion & proofing throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island or NJ, we’ve truly put in all the effort possible toward devising strategies that would ease our customer’s rodent problems.

The fact is, if conditions are ideal: All it takes are two rats to create over 15,000 offspring annually. Now, Standard Pest Management has always offered those in the food service industry, multi-unit apartment buildings as well as anyone else the absolute gold standard in rodent control and removal. We have always taken a proactive approach toward getting in front of issues before they become genuine problems for our customers.

The rate at which rodents in NYC populate can pose quite a challenge as you might imagine. Without treatment, significant components of a building or facility’s infrastructure can be destroyed. Think of electrical systems, drain-lines, and much more.

Why ContraPest® for Rat Control & Management?

ContraPest® is a fantastically engineered, cutting edge new product that Standard pest Management are explicitly trained to use for all sizes of commercial applications. The key here is to think of the source of the infestation. Rodents never truly go away, the best anyone on the planet can do is monitor, assess and control the population.

Standard’s technicians are now equipped with a specially engineered type of bait designed to **stop** rodent reproduction in their tracks. So rather than targeting an individual rat, our team are now able to take on entire populations.

"Birth Control for Rats" Explained: ContraPest®

Traditional Rodent Control vs ContraPest® Treatment

rodent fertility controlThe end results are practically limitless. With traditional treatment plans that house bait stations, rodents are likely to rebound, reproduce and keep coming back. ContraPest® allows Standard Pest Management technicians to go direct to the source all the while keeping a watchful eye as the population around your facility continues to dwindle.

As time goes by, our team will fully monitor your property. As the rodent threat begins to minimize, so will our usage of bait stations. This means far more efficient service calls to your facility or property and pure satisfaction. After all, our number 1 concern is your happiness and satisfaction.

Safe & Targeted IPM for Rodents

ContraPest® is a non-lethal product and due to its own chemical makeup, it’s got a highly reduced risk for any harm elsewhere. This is because of it’s half-life in addition to low concentration of active ingredients that may be harmful.

Did we mention that ContraPest® bait is also a wonderful source of food for rodents even among other food sources? Yep, you heard that right! It’s been formulated to be sweet tasting and fatty. After consumption, there aren’t any strange side-effects which would allow other rats or future populations from developing a ‘learned pattern’ of avoiding the bait.

Since our specialized and new rodent fertility treatment was engineered to be targeted, you can count on Standard Pest Management to treat areas we know are currently visited or infested. As you might imagine, instead of placing bait stations in a traditional formulation around your property, we’re able to immediately get right down to the source and work on eliminating it!

How Rodent Fertility Control Works with ContraPest® & Standard Pest Management

1: Our exterminators will place SenesTech Control bait within stations where known activity has occurred based on our supervision.

2: Once we’re able to confirm which stations are attracting rodents, our technician(s) will swap out the SenesTech Control bait with ContraPest®.

3: Since ContraPest® is irresistible to rat populations, we’ll monitor the entire treatment process. Rats will visit the stations, consume the bait and immediately reduce their ability to further reproduce.

4: As your rat population continues to decrease due to their lack of fertility, you’ll need fewer and fewer bait stations.

5: This is a win-win all around for us and you; our customer. Future service calls will be shorter, and more efficient and your rodent problem will be fully controlled by the team at Standard Pest Management.

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