Termite Control & Inspections

Termite Treatment & Remediation 
Termite Control & Inspections

Termite Control & Inspections

Termite Treatment & Remediation 
Termite Control & Inspections

Termite Control & Inspections

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Termite Treatment & Remediation 
Termite Control & Inspections

Termite Control & Remediation Services Within the NYC Metro Area

liquid-termiticide-injections-chemical-barriertermiteTermites are one of several pests that can do damage to the structure of your home or property. Each year, billions of dollars in property damage is assessed and accounted for by these insects. Termites destroy wood and assorted cellulose materials. In severe scenarios, they can eventually tunnel through the entire wooden framework of your home, making it unsafe to occupy.

Standard Pest Management is experienced in termite control services and can provide them throughout Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, lower Westchester and western Long Island. If you suspect termites don’t panic, but rather explore the options available from Standard certified termite killers.

Why Choose Standard to Handle Your Termite Problem?

  • We Have Successfully Resolved Thousands Of Termite Issues Since 1929.
  • Serving The New York & NJ Metro Area.
  • Professional, Friendly & Informative Staff.
  • Highly Trained Termite Control Technicians.

injecting termiticideAt Standard Pest we believe in providing our customers with the best support possible when fighting off termites. In Westchester County, NY in order to destroy a termite infestation you must first understand the pests you are dealing with. As such we have provided the following information so that you can understand termites better.

Termites can eat through the wood of your home and property 24/7.Damage caused by Termites is usually not covered by homeowner insurance policies. Catching them early is crucial to limiting damage and maximizing extermination efforts. The reason termites target wood is because it contains cellulose, its primary nutrient Termites specifically eat dead plants, trees, and wood. Some termites are subterranean which means they live underground. Through these tunnels termites can burrow underneath your property in Long Island, NY and find a comfortable place to infest.

  • Termites Can Eat Through The Wood Of Your Home And Property 24/7.
  • Damage Caused By Termites Is Usually Not Covered By Homeowner Insurance Policies.
  • Catching Them Early Is Crucial To Limiting Damage And Maximizing Extermination Efforts.

Protecting Your Property from Termite Infestations

IMG-2802termiteIn New York City or New Jersey, it is nearly impossible for a building to be avoiding termites completely. Instead you should focus on doing everything in your power to limit the attraction termites may have to your property. This means reducing the amount of standing water or moisture surrounding your New York City property. Additionally, this means removing all easy to access food for termites.

In order to reduce the amount of water surrounding your Long Island, NY property there is quite a bit of maintenance to be done. Ideally, you would want to start by fixing any leaks on your piping system, and follow this up by repairing any leaky air conditioning systems.

IMG-2801termiteAt Standard Pest Management, in Westchester County, NY our second step would be to schedule routine cleanings of your gutters, and continue to remove or relocate water from the base of the building. Furthermore, you can keep your roof dry, and have your property checked for proper waterproofing. This is just the tip of the iceberg for preventing termite infestations.

In order to get rid of termite food sources you will need to relocate any wood, or lumber away from your property’s entry ways. If you are a homeowner paper and firewood that is outside your yard may be an easy way for termites to make it inside your home. Tree stumps and infested trees should immediately be removed by your tree service. In New York City specifically you are going to want to make sure that all of your vents are protected by screens. If you believe you have a termite infestation please call us immediately so that we can save you on future costs.

Inspecting & Identifying Termites Properly

termiticide drillingTermites aren’t the only pests that attack wood. You also have to consider carpenter ants, wood infesting beetles, or carpenter bees as potential trespassers. When you request a termite inspection service a termite technician will inspect the accessible areas of your property accordingly. Unfortunately due to their subterranean or secretive nature these pests may be difficult to locate, in all instances, but if they are located Standard can arrange for a customized treatment plan ASAP. Our team works hard to make the whole inspection easy for you. We know that your property signifies a massive investment, when termites infest your property they are capable of bringing huge costs with them. In most cases termite infestations are discovered long after they have caused significant damage in Westchester, NY.

Termites are in part so troublesome because they are stealth pests. In other words, unlike other infestations, they work from behind the scenes and you only find the destruction they have caused when you initially see them.

termiticide application drilling in nycThis is why early discovery and precautionary measures are so important. In New York City a typical termite inspection with our team goes as follows. The first step is to take a thorough visual inspection of the insides and outsides of the property. Here we wouldn’t specifically search for termites in particular but we would search for the symptoms of their activity. The most common clues that support a termite infestation in Long Island, NY are molted skin, termite droppings, damaged wood, and entry ways.

A more advanced step follows where our specialists will inspect your property for the most accessible methods of entry for termites. This step also includes searching for the conditions which draw in termites in the first place. These consist of wood, mulch, water, tree branches, and specifically wood that is connected to the building and the soil underneath.

A normal termite infestation in NYC or NJ will take our specialists under an hour. However, the size of the property, severity of the infestation, and layout can all play deciding factors in that time.

Basic Indicators of Termite Infestation

drilling-thru-concrete-exterior-to-apply-termiticide-to-soil-underneathtermiteIn Long Island, Westchester, Northern, NJ & New York City, termites are quickly becoming a growing problem. It’s important to use the following indicators to keep an eye out for termites on your property. If you should see a sudden, or irregular group of winged insects around the dirt outside your home (or inside) this could mean termites have found an entryway. Paint with crevices, cracks, or droppings scattered about could signify termites.

One of the most telling symptoms of termite infestation in Westchester County, NY is the sound made by wood when it’s knocked. If you knock against wood and it sounds hollow there is good chance termites have been feeding on it. If you see trails of mud on wooden aspects of your property or walls than you could have termites.

Termite Control Options We Provide

There are several scientifically sound options available for the treatment of termites in our area. Which method is best suited for your property may depend on level of infestation, soil conditions, moisture levels, type of construction and NY State regulations in regard to termite treatment.

Perimeter Soil Treatments

By injected precisely formulated termiticides in key areas around the structure a long term barrier can be achieved to protect it. This termite service may include high speed drilling of a number of small injection points around the foundation and possible limited exterior trench treatments.

Bait Stations

By utilizing entomological research and trend data termite bait stations are strategically placed around your home to protect it from foraging termites. Once discovered by them, the bait will address the colony that is currently eating away at your home or property.

Termite Inspections for Property Owners and Sellers

We can also provide for termite inspections for the sale or purchase of a home or property.

The Areas We Provide Termite Treatment & Remediation

Standard Pest Management has been providing all phases of pest management throughout the entire NYC Metro Area since 1929. Check out all of the areas we cover:

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