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At some point, you’ve probably had a run-in with a raccoon. They come out at night and are usually rummaging through whatever food they can find in the trash bin, garbage or street. Don’t let their cute appearance fool you though, they can be a major nuisance. If your property is left exposed to the constant presence of raccoons, you should be concerned with possible property damage, the spreading of disease such as Rabies and pest infestation.

As a nuisance problem, they will find a way into your home or commercial property looking for food. If you’ve got a trash bin with bags carefully tied and disposed of, then be prepared for a nice surprise in the morning. Usually they have no qualms about making a mess as long as these Raccoons find a good meal. You’ll step outside your home or arrive to a commercial property and seen garbage thrown literally everywhere as if it was a confetti party.

Why Choose Standard to Provide Raccoon Control & Removal Solutions

Points About Standard Pest Management

  • Raccoon Control Services Since 1929
  • Professional & Friendly Staff
  • Licensed & Insured Field Technicians
  • Raccoon Trapping & Exclusion
  • Carcass Removal

Facts About Raccoon Control

  • Raccoons are primary carriers of Rabies
  • Will cause lots of property damage
  • Chew through vents, Wiring, Screen, Shingles & more
  • Make a mess of your garbage on a nightly basis

The Hazards of Raccoon Infestations

In extreme cases, we have seen Raccoons rip shingles or fascia boards off of homes and buildings to get inside. They will also try to get in via the attic or chimney. Because Raccoons are primarily known to carry Rabies, we suggest never approaching or trying to handle the situation yourself. Standard Pest Management has trained professionals that are suited up with all the appropriate protective gear needed to capture and humanely remove Raccoons.

Don’t worry about the health of the Raccoons, we will safely remove them from your property using effective, time tested techniques. You should also be concerned because they are known to carry other parasites such as Ticks, Mites and Fleas. These pests will cause an entirely different issue that you don’t want to have.

Our Raccoon Exclusion & Trapping Techniques

Once our field technicians gets a chance to survey your property, they will put together a comprehensive list of any weak spots or openings where your property is the most vulnerable for Raccoon intrusion. We will then begin trapping and removing all of the Raccoons inside and outside your property and giving it a thorough follow through to make sure every last one has been captured.

The final step in our process is sealing any entry points the Raccoons have used to get in. This might include repair, special covering material and general sealing so your property is air tight against nuisance Raccoons.

Additional Raccoon Intrusion Concerns

Occasionally we may come across a dead Raccoon or a nest filled with rotten food remnants along with other not so nice elements like parasites. Standard Pest Management specializes in the cleanup, repair, removal and odor control of such instances.

This is especially a vital service if we find a dead Raccoon somewhere inside your home. That area will need to be professionally disinfected, cleaned and the animal-removed.

Preventing Further Damage to Your Property

All in all, Raccoons will unwittingly damage your property. Standard Pest Management can put a stop to all of that through a series of exclusion techniques and professional trapping services. Don’t let Raccoons make your life miserable!


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