heattreatment.pngBedbug Heat Chamber Service

Standard Pest now offers heat chmber services for bedbugs. Heat is time and again proven as a tremendously effective tool against bedbugs in all life stages, including eggs. It is a non chemical approach that leaves no residue. Perfect for spot treating an item a K9 may have alerted to. Heat chamber temperatures reach between 120-155, bedbugs begin to die within seconds at these temperatures. Temperatures are monitored through the use of temperature loggers and spot checking with thermal imaging cameras. 

Benefits of heat chamber service:

  • Treat certain items easily
  • Chemical free, no residue
  • Cost effectivee, dont throw items out
  • Item is bedbug free in hours

Currently we offer Heat chamber services at our Long Island City location, we can arrange to setup the chamber at your location, call for details.

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