Servicing All Types of Industries In NYC

Standard has been providing quality exterminating service to demanding New Yorkers since 1929. Upon your request, Standard will inspect your residential or commercial property, advise about effective treatments and then we will get the job done right. If the need arises, or your needs dictate, we will also set up a maintenance schedule to preclude a recurrence of any pest problems. With over Eighty Five years no one has more experience or history serving New York.

Who We Serve:

There is no type of location we dont service, anything from retail to museum, university to bodega we will provide you with a program to keep you pest free.

Commercial Pest

Commercial pest Management

Residential Pest Control

residential pest control

Food & Beverage

food & beverage processing pest control

Property Management

property management high-rise

Health Care Facilities

Health Care facilities pest management

Hospitality Industry

hospitality industry pest management

Pharmaceutical Facilities

pharmaceutical facilities pest management

Office Pest Management

Office Building Pest Management

Government Municipalities

government pest management

Warehousing Manufacturing

Warehouse-manufacturing pest management

Restaurant & Bar Pests

restaurant-bar pest management

Grocery Stores Supermarkets

Grocery store-supermarket pest management