Canada geese Control & Removal for Airports

Canada geese Control & Removal for Airports

Canada Geese Control & Removal for Airports in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, NY or NJ

Canada geese, and any birds for that matter, can be a dangerous problem for airports. If a large bird hits one or both engines of a plane in flight, it can severely disable and even bring down the aircraft. Birds can be a major issue for airports with a lot of traffic such as JFK Airport, Newark Airport, and LaGuardia Airport.

Canada geese control & removal for airports is absolutely essential, especially in heavily populated areas such as NY and CT. The more birds present, the more dangerous the situation can become for both humans and birds. Standard Pest Management provides the ultimate in Canada geese control for Airports throughout the NYC Metro area.

Geese control should be handled by bird control experts. Companies such as us whom handle geese removal know how to manage birds. We use strategic methods such as repellents and deterrents to keep bird activity to a minimum. By finding the source of the population, mainly nests and eggs, our bird control personnel can dramatically cut down on the number of birds present at an airport. They can use scare tactics, bird traps, and bird spike installations to get rid of birds and motivate them to stay away.

One main problem with bird removal is that as soon as you get rid of one flock of birds, another one will move in. This makes them especially hard to eradicate from an area. Birds are particularly persistent with regard to taking over a specific space. You might think that a busy airport would deter birds. However, this is rarely the case. That’s why it is always necessary to bring in the professionals. They know how to effectively deal with the difficulties that arise when birds take over an airport.

There is a lot of liability associated with having birds around an airport. After all, the airport is ultimately responsible for what takes place on their property. A bird control expert can remove birds or contain the birds that seems to flock to the area. A professional can do an assessment of your commercial facility, and then come up with a strategic plan for dealing with the problem. The sooner the birds are dealt with, the better for the airport.

Birds must be removed in a humane manner. Some birds, such as Canadian geese, are protected. They have to be relocated and deterred from returning to the area where they could pose a threat to humans. Besides the life-threatening danger of taking a plane out of the air, there are many other undesirable issues with having Canada geese on the property. Wherever there are birds, there are bird droppings. Not only are these droppings unsightly on the ground and on buildings, they are extremely unsanitary and can carry disease. Additionally, birds can host parasites like ticks and mites. That’s just one more reason why Canada geese control and removal for airports is so vital.

Geese removal isn’t easy, and that’s why you should turn to the professionals when trying to get rid of geese in NY or CT. Places such as JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Airport have to ensure the safety of their passengers. There are companies that specialize in Canada geese control & removal for airports. Rather than trying to tackle this nuisance on their own, they can turn to the experts. Help in getting these birds to take flight to a safer location is just a phone call away.

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