Canada geese Laser Deterrents

Canada geese Laser Deterrent 
Canada geese Laser Deterrents

Canada geese Laser Deterrents

Canada geese Laser Deterrent 
Canada geese Laser Deterrents

Canada geese Laser Deterrents

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Canada geese Laser Deterrent 
Canada geese Laser Deterrents

canada geese laser deterrent servicesCanada geese Laser Repellent Deterrent Installations in the NYC Metro Area

Most birds bring about severe damage to roof-tops, solar panels, orchards, farms, and sporting fields. In residential environments, when birds contaminate food, they can bring about over a hundred diseases, including salmonella. Another critical problem brought by a bird’s infestation in commercial environments is fouling and damaging of finished products. Fouling may even lead to physical injury of staff by creating a slip and fall risk.

Considering the health, safety, and property damage risks caused by the presence of these pests in residential and commercial properties, it is crucial for every compound to put in effective bird Canada geese deterrent measures to keep them away.

While these birds create a majestic sight while flying, they quickly become a nuisance when they settle in your compound. This is a problem known all too well by residents and commercial property owners in Long Island, Nassau County, Westchester County of New York, Suffolk County as well as the whole of New Jersey.

Due to the damage risks a goose infestation poses, the residents in this region are forced to develop innovative Canada geese deterrent methods to keep these birds away from their properties. There are several Canada geese control methods that NYC and NJ residents can employ. However, not all of these methods are environmentally friendly or humane.

Humane, Discreet & Environmentally Friendly

Residential Canada geese control and commercial Canada geese control experts advise residents to use humane and environmentally friendly methods to keep the pests at bay. You can rely on Standard Pest Management for quality Canada geese laser repellent installation & service and trust that we will use only environmentally friendly practices. We will also advise you on the safest measure you can employ.

Some of the environmentally friendly control methods used in NYC and NJ are;

Removing Domestic Waterfowls

Removing waterfowls in sporting fields, domestic and commercial properties will reduce the chances of attracting these birds. These birds are naturally drawn to water, and therefore, installing a pond in your property is a clear invitation to the bird.

laser-deterrent-canada-geese0003Barrier Fencing

Whereas this might not be the first choice for any golf course, surrounding a water body with a wire or string barrier keeps these birds away from the water body. They are not able to duck under or step over the fences to access the water.

Commercial and residential Canada geese control experts note that these birds look for mown, cool-season grasses around nearby water bodies to nest. Therefore, creating barriers between water bodies and the ideal vegetation for them to nest will force them to migrate.

Use of Chemical Repellent

There are only two chemical repellents that are registered and accepted by the US Environmental Protection Agency for people to use to deter birds, Methyl Anthranilate and Anthraquinone. However, these repellants are quite expensive, mainly because you need to treat the entire compound.

Using Laser Technology to Drive Away geese Flocks

You can deter birds from open and semi-open areas by using high-powered optical laser beams. These beams of light harmlessly repel birds from as far as 2000 meters away. This is the most preferred Canada geese control method as it is harmless to the birds, and does not produce any noise.

This control method is ideal for parks, sporting fields, golf courses, and monuments in Long Island, Westchester County, Nassau County of New York City, as well as the whole of New Jersey. Both residential and commercial property owners are encouraged to try this deterrent method.

Commercial Property Canada goose Laser Repellent Solutions

Using laser beams for commercial Canada geese control is the newest and most effective method of keeping birds away from your commercial property. These gadgets use well-calculated beams that seek the birds’ roosting spots to alarm and confuse them, forcing them to leave. Birds perceive the laser beams as an incoming danger, and they vacate any environment with random laser beams.

The two types of laser beam repellents are the handheld and automated repellents. The handheld repellent is operated manually and can be used to deter birds that are up to 1000 meters away. The ideal time to deter birds using a handheld repellent is in the morning, in the evening, and whenever the sun is not so bright due to cloud cover.

Automated repellants are controlled remotely or set to produce beams at random intervals toward bird-prone areas in the commercial property. This bird control method is ideal for sporting facilities, warehouses, airfields, storage areas, parking structures, and any open-air commercial structure. You can purchase these gadgets from any Canada geese laser repellent installation & service company around your location.

laser-deterrent-canada-geese0002Residential Property Canada goose Laser Repellent Solutions

Homeowners can also protect several areas of their homes from damages caused by roosting birds by using competent and environmentally friendly bird deterring methods like laser technology. Whether the birds are in the patio, the garden, or the building, laser beams generated from a handheld or automated repellent are sufficient to chase away the birds.

Homeowners with water bodies like ponds and water fountains in their compounds are likely to attract goose-flocks. These birds multiply quickly and can go from being a beautiful addition to a complete nuisance on your compound. Using targeted laser beams from automated repellents can help you get rid of them fast. A Canada geese laser repellent installation & service company can evaluate your bird infestation problem and install these gadgets to your premises at an affordable cost.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Laser Repellent System to Keep Geese Flocks Away

Using laser technology to repel bird flocks has several advantages a shown below.

They Are Silent

Unlike some bird control methods, using laser beams produce no noise. The production of laser beams from these gadgets is silent, which facilitates a comfortable environment, especially if you have kids or do not want to annoy the neighbors. It is also perfect for commercial facilities as you do not have to worry about the workers’ distraction.

canada geese control maintenanceThey Are Environmentally Safe

Unlike using chemical repellents, using lasers does not dump residues that could affect the atmosphere, soil, or vegetation. Therefore, this method is a hundred percent safe for the surroundings.

Lasers Are Non-Lethal to Birds

The laser beams produced by these gadgets chase birds away by confusing and scaring them. They are utterly harmless to the birds and only deter them psychologically, forcing them to flee the site.

They are Simple to Use

Both the handheld and automated laser bird control gadgets are easy to use. The user only needs to power and point the handheld laser while the automatic device works on its own according to presets by the installation and service company agent that set it up for you.

You can count on Standard Pest Management for pest control and management in Suffolk County and New York City. You can trust that we will use only effective and safe methods to keep geese from your property. We are experienced and understand pests control better than you do. You will also come up with an effective strategy to help you avoid future infestation.

The Areas We Provide Canada geese Laser Deterrent

Standard Pest Management has been providing all phases of pest management throughout the entire NYC Metro Area since 1929. Check out all of the areas we cover:

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