Canada goose Chasing Dogs

Canada goose Chasing Dogs

Canada goose Chasing Dog Services in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, NY or Northern, NJ

If you have a flock of them in your yard, Standard pest Management’s dogs can get rid of them! Here’s why our Canada geese chasing dogs are the answer to your Canada goose problem:

The Canada Geese Chasing Dogs Can Chase Them Even If They Aren’t on Land. Even if they are in a pond or lake, the dogs will still go after them! In fact, they are excellent swimmers. They Can Chase Them Through Snow. On top of this, our goose chasing dogs won’t even hesitate to chase them in snow, and it will barely even slow them down! As soon as they see or hear them charging through the snow, they’ll be back to flying overhead where they belong.

They Will Scatter Immediately, No Matter Where They’re Being Chased:

They have astute senses, and this means that they’ll scatter instantly. While some people attempt to scare them off using decoys, this doesn’t create anywhere near the level of fear in the geese as seeing one of our trained goose removal canines does.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chasing Them Off of Your Property

How Many Times Standard Pest Management Have to Visit My Property to be Effective?

This varies considerably, but they will often need to come a number of times in order to condition a flock to stay away from your property. If a new flock of them arrives, the dogs will need to be brought back a number of times.

Is This a Permanent Solution to Your Goose Problem in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, or Northern, NJ?

The flock that’s currently congregating on your property is likely to stay away for good. Whether or not a new flock of them is likely to arrive depends on a variety of factors, such as the following:

  • Whether or not there is a pond located on your property
  • The season
  • Whether or not you have pets
  • Whether or not there are other bodies of water in the area
  • If I Got A Dog, Would He or She Chase Them Off?
  • It might, but it also might have no interest in chasing the geese. Our Canada geese chasing dogs are trained to defend your property from these pests.

Do We Really Always Need to Remove Canada geese?

They will make a mess out of your yard. Their droppings will be all over your lawn, and these droppings can contain some nasty microorganisms that are capable of causing serious illness. In fact, an average goose produces 1-2 pounds of droppings every day! Furthermore, the droppings are likely to alter the ecosystem of a pond, and this can be problematic if your pond is stocked with fish. The droppings are likely to cause an increase in the number of algae in your pond.

In addition, they can be downright aggressive, and they have been known to charge at people without provocation. Not only are they known to charge at humans, but they can also pose a danger to pets, especially if they are small.

Where do we Provide Canada geese Chasing Dog Services?

It’s available in NYC, Westchester County, Long Island, and Northern, NJ. Call Standard Pest Management for assistance today!

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