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Hotel Bedbug Removal

Hotel Bed Bug Treatments – Making Sure the Problem Is Gone! While bed bugs can be a headache for anyone, those in the hospitality industry are especially susceptible. It should be clear that this isn’t because your establishment is “dirty” or not well-maintained; it happens because so many guests come and go every day, parking…

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New Yorkers Not Letting The Bedbugs Bite

Standard Pest Management quoted in AMNewYork Article Full article here Exterminators agreed that the bedbug education campaign has affected how the pest management industry deals with the pests. Gil Bloom, president of Standard Pest Management in Queens and a former bedbug task force member, said clients are calling for his company’s services earlier than before, when…


Bedbug Heat Treatment

Bedbug Heat Treatment Standard Pest Management performs a specialized bedbug treatment called thermal heat treatments, the process of killing bedbugs using high temperatures. This is an attractive approach for eliminating bedbugs as it is chemical free, we can heat an entire structure in one treatment and you can be bedbug free by bedtime! Bedbugs and…

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Freshman’s Guide To Avoiding Bedbugs

Freshman’s Guide To Avoiding Bedbugs Bedbugs are back! Much to the chagrin of Americans from the city to the plain, these cryptic biting insects have witnessed a steady resurgence over the past decade. Causing near hysteria from homes and hotels to hospitals and public transportation, the hard-to-find, difficult to treat, hard-biting bed bug has a…

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Don’t sleep on it: Find homes free of bed bugs

Rest unassured: In the city that never sleeps, bed bugs are still a major cause of insomnia for thousands of New Yorkers trapped in infested apartments and buildings. Whether you’re renting or buying, here’s how to minimize the chance that bloodsucking freeloaders will greet you at your new front door. See the full article here.