Pest Management & Property Managers Make the Best Mix

Pest Management & Property Managers Make the Best Mix One of our biggest specialties is Integrated Pest Management for residential properties within New York City and Long Island, NY. Since 1929, Standard Pest has been working with many of New York’s property management companies to provide a pest-free environment for their residents. Whether it is a brownstone

Keep Pigeons Off NY Balconies

from Balcony bird control keeping birds off balconies Pigeons and birds create big problems on balconies. Their droppings are associated with many transmittable diseases such Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Psittacosis. We offer bird dropping removal & disinfecting services in New York.  Once cleaned Standard offers stealth net installations to eliminate birds from entering your balconies all

Hotel Bedbug Removal

Hotel Bed Bug Treatments – Making Sure the Problem Is Gone! While bed bugs can be a headache for anyone, those in the hospitality industry are especially susceptible. It should be clear that this isn’t because your establishment is “dirty” or not well-maintained; it happens because so many guests come and go every day, parking

Standard Pest now Quality Pro for Schools

Standard Pest Management is now a Quality Pro Schools company. This means Standard Pest is committed to treating pests in schools in a careful and environmentally responsible way. Our staff members who service schools are trained in providing reduced-risk IPM (integrated pest management) services in schools. Additionally, the service technicians who service schools are experienced,

Get an A on your Next NYC Restaurant Health Inspection

Do you know how many restaurants are inspected each year? All 24,000. That’s a lot of letter grades. Many people do take into consideration these grades when deciding on a place to eat—and with so many dining options, diners do not have to risk their health or comfort by eating at any restaurant that cannot score an “A.”   Just because a restaurant receives an “A” does