Commercial Pest Management for Funeral Homes in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

Pest Control in NYC & NJFunerals are typically a somber time. They also usually require respect for the person who passed away plus for the people attending the memorial.

The last thing you need at a funeral home during this time is insects or pests invading the service and distracting people from saying their goodbyes to a loved one.

Why You Need Pest Control Solutions for Your Funeral Parlor

Our New York City and New Jersey commercial pest extermination team can help you eradicate uninvited pests. In the process, we can save you the embarrassment that comes with one or more guests having been harassed by bugs. Standard Pest Management can eliminate numerous types of tiny critters, and your company reputation can be saved. Not only that, but you can enhance the safety and sanitation of your funeral chapel.

The Usual Pests We Find in Funeral Parlor Facilities

The pests we find in funeral chapels vary. For instance, more flies might appear in the summertime, and more bees or wasps may show up in the fall. Additional types of pets that could make way into an undertaker’s establishment include these:

Stinging/Flying Insects

You might notice a variety of fly types come into your funeral establishment. Filth flies, Fruit Flies, Flesh, and Cluster flies are some other examples.

Biting Bugs

Be on the lookout for Ants, Spiders, Bed Bugs and other insects which may enter a funeral residence.


Examples include the American, German, brown-banded or oriental roaches.


These dirty pests always manage to infiltrate the exteriors of buildings searching for warmth and a good food supply. They include rats as well as mice.

Integrated Pest Management for Funeral Parlors

Our commercial pest team offers solutions that require only as much chemical pesticide usage as necessary. This process starts with a thorough inspection to determine the best course of action. It continues with an assessment of gaps or cracks in walls and windows, roof tears and leak holes, and holes near the floor or in cabinets. Outdoor storage sheds and garages or upper floors may also be inspected as well as indoor corners from top to bottom.

Inspections can be preventative as well, and we can help you identify problem areas to help you control pests in between treatments. After inspection, effective IPM may include using a variety of solutions from placing traps in discreet locations or keeping common areas clean when not in use.

Other preventative actions may include installation of pest barriers and education about proper sealing. We also encourage you to keep food areas as clean and as dry as possible to inhibit further pest gathering. In addition, we offer a variety of indoor and outdoor integrated pest removal solutions.

Tools, Technology and Technicians You Can Count on for Your Funeral Home

Standard Pest control services are in line with EPA guidelines pertaining to prevention of allergies asthma and other conditions. Effective equipment used includes sprays, nozzles and systems that provide as thorough of a covering as possible. However, we also provide manipulation of outdoor animal habitats as well as determine their path into the memorial service building to remove the problem source.

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