Commercial Pest Management for Network & Server Rooms in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

One of the most important components of pest management when it comes to Network facilities & server farms is data loss or downtime. Every company has clients that depend on them. Becoming proactive against a potential pest infestation is the most efficient way to go here. Standard Pest Management completely understands all of the liabilities you might be facing in the event of a catastrophe and we’d like to let you know that when it comes to reliability in addition to customer assurance, we’re at the top of the stack.

We have plenty of experience on a daily basis being partnered up with facilities directors across every industry imaginable. Our team of exterminators and technicians are highly trained in following the model behind IPM or “Integrated Pest Management”. This means that we’re large believers when it comes to accountability, data analysis, continued monitoring and consistent support to ensure that your equipment remains unscathed from any potential pest threats.

The Usual Pests We Find in Network & Server Rooms

The pests you might find in your network data center may vary. Some of them are so small they might even show up in USB A, USB C ports or hard drive and SD card slots. Server racks are a dream come true for all types of insects due to their structure. It’s very easy for certain types of pests to hide and keep growing their population.

Even if your equipment is kept at cool temperatures; we hate to tell you this, but there are plenty of pests out there that are perfectly capable of thriving in cold environments. The room temperature and humidity level may determine what kinds of pests you deal with most often, but these are examples:


They come in different sizes and nest in different places. You might have them if they found their way to the server room from a break room or kitchen.


These bugs show up just about anywhere and survive in just about any environment. They could live on the smallest crumbs of food.


Since they colonize, they could become a problem especially when finding their way into computer parts or around electrical outlets. Groups of ants could cause a fire.


They can bite into different surfaces and perhaps cause electrical damage and a possible failure or fire.


Their webs are messy, and they often leave eggs everywhere. Cobwebs forming could clog server machines and computers.

Stinging Insects

They’re not only annoying, but they can also sting people and cause an allergic reaction for which some people may have to be hospitalized.

Why You Need Pest Control in Network Rooms

In a secure setting where food and water may not be allowed, you might not think anything of it. However, they may have found their way inside through a crack, hole or seam somehow unbeknownst to you. You also may not have considered how fast bugs or rodents can multiply even if you do kill a few of them by hand. However, you still need some type of pest control to ensure that they do not multiply.

When pest populations grow, it could cause damage to your network cables and electrical wires. It may even result in destruction of modems, computer motherboards and entire systems. If you want to prevent animal infestation from destroying your technology business, we can help. In fact, it is vital to your company’s reputation because this could affect customers miles away relying on your servers.

You also will want to prevent employees or guests on your property from becoming sick because of the diseases that bugs and rodents carry. We can offer you an effective pest control solution.

Our Network & Server Room Integrated Pest Control Solutions

We want to keep all of your staff from reacting to an allergy or becoming sick from the use of chemical pesticides. Therefore, we take any preventative measures we can such as setting up traps. We also will guide you in the process of blocking off all access from the inside to critters still living outside your building.

In addition, we will recommend ways to keep tech rooms as clean and as dry as possible to minimize further pest invasions. Any other IPM action — such as manipulation of outdoor pest habitats — are what we always try before spraying chemicals on your property.

Reliable Tools, Technology and Technicians

Your New York and New Jersey commercial pest control team uses state-of-the-art technology that covers areas thoroughly when we do have to use chemicals. What is more, we take precautions when spraying in sensitive areas such as around computer or data center equipment desks to ensure no servers are damaged.

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