Commercial Pest Management for Nutraceutical & Food Ingredient Facilities in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

The FDA sets strict standards for any company who packages supplements and foods. This includes keeping a place free and clean and all pests out of packaging and containers.

We offer commercial pest control that prevents health code violations to multiple New York City and New Jersey locations. Areas we serve include Westchester, Hudson and Bergen Counties as well as Long Island and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Usual Pests We Find in Nutraceuticals & Food Ingredient Facilities

Here are some examples:

Crawling pests

Ants in addition to cockroaches and beetles are some of the biggest contenders. It could be the black or red ants of varying sizes or one of at least a few dozen species.


Various Filth Flies, House Flies or Flesh and Cluster Flies are just some of the varieties. If a plant processes perishable food, nutraceuticals or homeopathics, it could also produce Maggots. These often will appear around and in garbage bins as well. Furthermore, Fruit Flies might appear around fresh foods.

Insects That Bite

Some examples of biting pests include mosquitos, termites and even certain spiders.


At least a few varieties of cockroaches frequently show up in places that are not kept clean and dry. These include the oriental, brown-handed, American or German species.


The most common that our technicians see are rats and mice. They’re fully capable of destroying products as well as spreading harmful germs.


They might appear in storage areas and janitor’s closets that are not kept clean. They also can appear in kitchens and bathrooms that are not thoroughly sanitized.

Stinging Pests

Not all species of Bees are harmful, however we can help with the ones that are. Wasps, Hornets, Yellowjackets and more. might show up around at fulfillment plants where supplements that have sweeteners in them are being packaged. This can be unsanitary.



Why a Nutraceuticals and Food Ingredients Facility Needs Pest Control

More importantly than avoiding stiff fines and lawsuits and preserving your company reputation, it can save lives. Not only will you be able to assure the safety of all the people who work at your plant, but you can prevent contamination.

If you stop your homeopathic products from the spread of diseases caused by bugs and animals, your products will be able to do what they do best keep people healthy.

We Take the Integrated Pest Management Approach

The IPM approach to keeping all kinds of animals off your property is a comprehensive approach that we use. This includes both prevention and control. For instance, we inspect every inch of your place indoors and outdoors. In the process, we identify cracks, holes, spaces or other openings where critters and bugs might enter.

Then, we may recommend various ways of sealing all gaps and also might work on changing the outdoor environments where pests might live before they enter your building. What is more, we can set up animal traps for you. After considering all other options, we then may walk you through a chemical extermination plan. However, we are careful to follow EPA guidelines to ensure prevention of asthma, allergies and other conditions.

Reliable Tools, Technology and Technicians

Our NY and NJ Standard Pest Management team uses the best detection and pest control equipment available. Therefore, our tools, technology and technicians will provide your establishment the peace of mind it needs.

Our NYC and NJ specialists will catch and eliminate all bugs, rodents and other pests as efficiently and as safely as possible.

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