Commercial Pest Management for Places of Worship in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

A church, temple, synagogue or mosque should be pest-free. Some of the most important landmarks in people’s’ lives are celebrated in these settings, including receptions with food served. Many of the religious communities throughout the area also host food pantries and soup kitchens, both of which need to adhere to safety guidelines that include pest-free environments.

Nobody wants to have their experience with a place that provides spiritual support marred by pests. The species that often end up infesting business locations here are often difficult to get rid of without help. The good news is that commercial pest control can help free your sacred space of these nuisances.

The Usual Pests We Find Within Places of Worship

Some of the nuisances that require exterminator services in NY and NJ include:

  • Rodents Such As Rats or Mice
  • Nuisance Wildlife Such As Birds or Other Animals
  • Flies
  • Gnats
  • Stinging Insects Such As Mosquitoes or Types of Dangerous Bees
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Ticks
  • Ants

Why You Need Pest Control Solutions for Your Place of Worship

Having insects, rodents or other nuisance species in a building used for worship is distracting but can pose safety and health risks for congregants and visitors. Many people feel unsafe in buildings where pest populations are not properly under control and the damage that pests like termites cause can pose a safety risk. Injuries due to infested wood or exposed wiring from rodents gnawing raise a liability issue for religious organizations who already have high insurance costs.

Rodents, roaches, and some other pests also transmit diseases that can be hazardous. Rodents spread several diseases that are possibly life-threatening, especially for the elderly and young children. Insect bites might cause dangerous allergic reactions in some, and bites always have the risk of becoming infected.

Integrated Pest Management for Places of Worship in New York or New Jersey

IPM is a form of pest control that allows us to efficiently control your New York City or New Jersey house of worships’ issues with bugs or nuisance animals. We want to make sure that your problem is resolved in a way that fits your organization’s budget. The solutions that we use are also geared toward reducing the possibility of future infestations.

Tools, Technology & Technicians You Can Count On Within Your Religious Facility

We use the technology and tools designed to ensure that everything is done well, including emailing your staff to let you know when one of our appointments is coming up. An entomologist is on staff who can verify samples so that we know what we are dealing with at your location. We also have staff members whose function is to handle quality assurance.

You can also be sure that all our technicians have received proper certification, including city credentials. They are familiar with safety procedures, as well as environmental guidelines, so you know your health and safety matter. When you opt to use our services, you can be sure that your sacred space is in safe hands.

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