Commercial Pest Management for Retail Stores, Malls & Shopping Centers in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

Managing stores includes preventing pests along with getting rid of any current vermin that is in a building. An infestation of pests is common in buildings that carry a lot of merchandise that is transported from other areas.

Unfortunately, areas such as NYC or Northern NJ that have large populations are known for having frequent pest problems. If your market or strip mall is contaminated with pests, then customers will complain to local health departments, leading to a closure of your business.

The Usual Pests That We Find in Retail Establishments and Strip Malls

All kinds of shops can have pest problems, but markets that offer foods or beverages are more likely to have this type of problem. Some of the most common types of pests in NYC and other nearby locations include:

  • Ants tend to invade during the warmer months and can spring up in surprisingly large populations quickly.
  • Bed Bugs can live in carpets and upholstery. They’re also very difficult to exterminate.
  • Nuisance birds such as Pigeons, Sparrows or Starlings will drive customers away and damage your brand, literally.
  • Numerous Cockroach species live in NYC & NJ and are not something you’d like associated with the image of your store or retail brand.
  • Flies tend to be more prevalent in the summer. Although annoying at home, in a business setting, they can cause great financial loss and distress.
  • Rodents including Rats and Mice are filthy, carry disease and are a threat to your business, employees and customers.
  • Termites chew on wood and drywall, they can become a major threat or liability depending on the infestation size or existing damage.
  • Nuisance Wildlife Animals such as Raccoons, Skunks or Squirrels can cause big issues for your retail store.

Why You Need Pest Control Solutions from Standard Pest Management for Your Retail Stores, Malls or Other Establishments

You need commercial pest control to eliminate any vermin so that your business doesn’t need to close for several days until the pests are eliminated.

Preventive measures to avoid having pests is a better choice, and our extermination company understands how to inspect your property to find potential problems that can make it easier to have an infestation of pests.

Integrated Pest Management for a Retail Shop or Shopping Center

The New York State Integrated Pest Management Program focuses on industrial and commercial pest control where there are more people. To avoid injuring humans, you must understand how to use the correct control and extermination methods.

The IPM agency works closely with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene employees to ensure that livestock and foodstuffs aren’t contaminated by chemicals. Standard Pest Management in Astoria is a family operated and owned company that has provided a variety of pest control services for many years.

Tools, Technology & Technicians That You Can Count On

It is important to understand how to control each type of pest because the wrong chemical can lead to new generations of insects or spiders that are more resistant.

We have modern equipment that makes it possible to find where the rodents, insects or spiders are living in a building to provide localized treatments. To meet the standards of the local health departments, you must maintain your business’s sanitation requirements. Call us today at +1 (718) 728-4040 to arrange an emergency pest-control service or to have routine pest control.

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